Gender Gap In The Work Force

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Gender disparity impacts numerous aspects of everyday life. It influences our work or interactions with others and our home life. It impacts our work by the jobs and positions that certain genders obtain and their salaries. Likewise, it controls how we react to others based on expectations made for our gender. For instance, those who work in customer service tend to be female and are expected to be kind to put customers at ease. It impacts families through the division of work given to spouses based on their gender or perhaps their income. Although it is not as prevalent today as it was throughout history, it still exists. Until about the twentieth century, women were not allowed to join the work force. Society believed that women should stay at home and tend to household duties while men must go out and work. However as time went on, more women began to take on the task of having a paying job. It was essential that women joined the work force in order to close the gender gap that existed in jobs. Currently, “we have nearly achieved equality in the proportion of women and men in the paid labor force” (Aulette and Wittner, 177). Women’s Work by Linda Greenhouse brings focus to gender discrimination found in the Supreme Court. This article is not as persuasive as the information found in our textbook. Gendered Lives; Who Is in the Paid Workplace? by Judy Aulette and Judith Wittner calls attention to gender and racial disparities in the work force. This section from the book is more persuasive through it use of factual information.
Although Women’s Work is a credible source, it is not as compelling as Gendered Lives; Who Is in the Paid Workplace? Linda Greenhouse, a writer for the New York Times, specializes in writing articles and books relating to the Supreme Court. Additionally, Greenhouse teaches at Yale University. The article is published by The New York Times, an American newspaper. In the article, Greenhouse focuses on inequities...

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