Gender, Genes And Culture Essay

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In an era of globalization, society plays a huge emphasis on human diversity. There is a focus exclusively on visible ethnic differences such as weight, hair, skin tone, and facial features. These characteristics are described under two main dimensions– gender and race. Gender is the characteristics people associate with male and female. Our gender encompasses a complex weave of beliefs, behaviors and stereotypes. Men and women are more similar than realized. Of the forty-six chromosomes that make up our DNA, forty-five of them are unisex. The gender differences are portrayed in the social connections, dominance, aggressiveness, and sexuality. These differences are best understood with the evolutionary and cultural perspectives.

A sense of connectedness for men tends to have shoulder-to-shoulder relationships, whereas women tend to have face-to-face relationships. (Castillo) Men and women also tend to react differently when it comes to high stress. Men usually react by fighting or fleeing the situation. Researchers have coined this classic response as “fight or flight”. Women on the other hand, seek emotional support and nurture those close to them. This also has been coined as “tend and befriend”.
Men and women are often characterized very differently. Men can be described as being “adventurous, autocratic, coarse, dominant, forceful independent, and strong.” In many cultures, women are seen as the weaker sex. Women are usually the ones that get spoken of as “affectionate, dependent, dreamy, emotional, submissive, and weak.” (Exploring Social Psychology) Society portrays men to be socially dominant. Outside of how men dominate in higher status positions, men also take the lead when asking a woman out on a first date, does most of the driving, and pick up most of the tab.
Psychologists refer to aggression as the means to hurt. Both men and women portray types aggression at different degrees. Statistics have shown that the...

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