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Gender Inequality In China Essay

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According to Worldometers an international team for running real time world statistics, everyday, there are about 40 million babies that are born, and 4 babies born per second. To which, in China, equals out to about 20 million babies in China, and 1 baby born per second. Male or female? Informed by the doctors months ago. The result? If it's a male, awesome. If it's a girl, okay whatever. This example is under the name of Gender Inequality, when women and men are not having the same rights and opportunities. It doesn't mean that women and men are the same, but they should have equal value, and should be treated equally. Gender Inequality in this case, in China, is proven to be more on the ...view middle of the document...

” Next, is the matter of gender stereotyping. A study of teacher-child interactions and peer exchanges was observed in 4 kindergartens for 10 months, in Hong Kong, China. The study proved to be effective, and a total of 206 scenes were considered as gender-related experiences. "Gendered Kindergarten Routines and Perpetuation of Gender Stereotypes" was recorded. Genders were classified, merged, and reclassified, grouped into two socialization practices of the teachers. Teachers in this study interacted with boys more than girls, and performed traditional Chinese thinking, through action and routines. Gender Inequality & Stereotyping is already seen at the first step of education, and is presented to young children. Therefore, it should be stopped once and for all, and there should be a neutral relationship between teacher and student, for the benefit of future generations. Stereotyping is not beneficial to kids or to adults because of their genders. And because of this, people will be “defined & fixed” as a role in society, work, or at home. People will lack opportunities and privileges, just because they have to act their "role". Because of this, only 39% of women are employed in the nonagricultural sector, and only 23% of the proportion of seats held by women in national parliaments, in the country of 1.3 million people in China.
To illustrate the point of Gender Inequality even more, it is a Human Right, and is included in one of the eight Millennium Development Goals. It is vital to human life, and as said by the UN Population Fund, “People should live in dignity and freedom, from want or from fear.” This is a stark reality of life, that Gender Inequality cannot be acquired in China. However, "We cannot achieve a world of dignity for all until we end Gender Inequality in all its forms," said UN Secretary-General Ban-Ki-moon in the 2014 session of the UN commission on women. We have to be determined to avoid the possibility of wasting another generation, and give women the empowerment that they deserve. Gender Inequality first and foremost, is a human right, and should be changed as soon as possible. Women should enjoy the same social and political rights as men do, and should be treated fairly and equally in all matters. 
On the other hand, though, Gender Inequality has been analyzed by China already, and it has always been a goal of China's to promote equality between men and women in the Chinese...

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