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Gender Inequality In Different Cultures Essay

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Barbara Kingsolver criticizes gender inequality by comparing the similarities of the Congolese culture and that of the Americans. In Nearly all eras of society, man has dominated over woman. The female kind have never (until our modern time) had a say in politics, have been able to neither obtain education, nor have been able to acquire their own finances. Throughout the Poisonwood Bible, Kingsolver accentuates the oppression of men over women.

To many cultures the purpose of women is to be the wives and baby makers, while the purpose of men are too bring in the food and money. This principle of being the means of well bringing for a family is what determines the value of a person to ...view middle of the document...

“Congolese men didn’t treat their own wives and daughters as if they were very sensible or important. Though as far as I could see the wives and daughters did just about all of the work.” The Congolese culture is none different than that of America. For example, in a cliché American family, the husband works, while the wife stays at home to take care of the children. Since the man gets paid, he is the one whom is credited for doing “real” work. At the same time, the wife is noticeably exhausted from cleaning, cooking, taking care of children, and other home chores. Since the wife is not monetarily rewarded (the only reward in our capitalist society) she is seen as the one doing all the work. The true equality of men and women is not in question, the way women are treated differently to men is.

Currently, in our society, one does not think twice about women in college. It is merely a fact of life. This”fact” did not always prove true however. Years of civil rights battles needed to be fought before women’s equality could be established. At one time America was full of men believing as Nathan did. Grossly Nathan believed that “sending a girl to college is like puring water in your shoes. Its hard to say which is worse, seeing it run out and waste the water, or seeing it...

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