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Gender Inequality: Sex Discrimination In Employment

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Gender equality is about equal opportunity for men and women to identify their individual potential. One must be able to benefit from their participation in society and contribute to the economic and social development of their country (Australian Government. 2009). Through multiple reviewed literature on gender inequality, the overall concept within many sociological readings was the way gender inequality socially relates to employment and careers. There are three separate themes that intersect within the written literature that will be discussed. First, gender differences in historical social roles have created stereotypes on the contemporary outlooks of the social attitude. Secondly, through beliefs and values, career pathways and choices have become gendered from factors of culture and society. Lastly, occupational segregation within the workforce is still dominant, but more equality is breaking through for the future. In this research, I will identify the factors that inter-link gender within different parts of society
Social stereotypes of male and female roles in society are a predominant aspect of modern day culture. The male-female distinction is one of societies primary cultural categories (Ridgeway, 2009). Through these stereotypes, people categorize males and females instantly on first interaction. Any subsequent interaction is slightly swayed as it depends on prior understanding of the other person as male or female (Ridgeway, 2009). There is growing evidence in research that gender differences rely greatly on the cultural system of interaction (Ridgeway, 1997). “Biological gender, activities and interests, personal-social attributes, gender-based social relationships, stylistic and symbolic content, and gender-related values” all contribute to our segregation of gender roles starting at a young age and continuing throughout the life span (Best, 2009). “Children are able to identify feminine and masculine categories, similar to the perception of adults, from socialization through family, school and media” (Gadassi and Gati, 2009).
Some of the prominent social roles of males and females in historical years are contributing to the contemporary roles that are acceptable in society. Women have continued to have hours of unpaid work while taking care of their children and domestic work, while males are still considered as the providers for their family and solely contributing to their household. In a study done in 2005, statistical analysis revealed that 90% of women do 4.3 hours, on average, of unpaid work a day and 69% of men do 2.5 hours, on average, of unpaid work a day (Dr. Fetner, 2010). “Traditional gender roles, have set out desirable qualities and behaviours for men and women” and as research has shown, “social roles determine the accepted behavioral norms for genders and encourage gender differences in interests and activities” (Gadassi and Gati, 2009). The male and female socioeconomic ideologies of...

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