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Gender Journal Essay

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The fact that all women have a 26 percent chance of being raped within their lifetime is appalling and unacceptable (Lips 303). Rape Culture has yet to be dealt with by society in an active way. In some ways, society actually perpetuates rape culture by maintaining the cycle of victim blaming, sexual objectification, and elected ignorance. When I say elected ignorance, I’m referring to society’s tendency to turn a blind eye to some forms of sexual violence, like domestic abuse, because it is considered to be outside of the public sphere. When sexual violence occurs in the private sphere but somehow leaks into the public sphere, social institutions as well as the victims of the crime will ...view middle of the document...

Brown’s lack of response to Lena’s appeal led her to reach out for public support, because allowing the perpetrator back into school only maintains and “minimizes the seriousness of sexual coercion” and violence used on college campuses (Lips 304). It also relieves the student, who violated not only Lena but other girls as well, of any responsibility for his crimes.
The message that universities communicate to the public and to potential victims of rape and sexual assault is one of silence. Silence is key to perpetuating rape myths and fantasies that portray forced sex as something that is secretly desired. What must be understood and remembered is that rape is not a component of sexuality, but rather a part of violence. The main component of sexuality that enables an individual to display power is through consent and not rape.

Lacey Goldsher
Professor Williams
Psychology 248
Gender Journal Entry #6
Women’s movements have long used their voices as a disruptive force to subvert and undermine the patriarchal institutions at work. It is through their art and writings that their voices are heard by those who are listening. However, only being heard by those who are willing to listen is not sufficient enough to permanently install their presence in the public arena. This is why artists have turned to the method of performance art to actively communicate their messages or agendas without being disregarded by the public. Performance art goes beyond the relative scope of visual art in that it is actually executed in front of an audience. The most essential component in performance art is the employment of the human body as both the subject of the art and as the vehicle through which the art is performed.
In the 4th entry of my Gender Journal, I discussed the media morning activity that helped clarify my preference for Beyoncé over Nicki Minaj. These are both musical performance artists who perform using their voices as well as their bodies to communicate a message to the larger population. Thinking about this activity in the last couple of weeks has forced me to reconsider my...

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