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Gender Neutrality In Children Essay

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Society today suggest that revealing the “gender” or “sex” of a child from the moment of conception forward is a necessity. But, in all actuality to some this is an invasion of their privacy and beliefs. Many believe that raising a child gender specific is not important to their upbringing or to their growth and development. Gender is defined with several different meanings such as the behavioral, cultural or psychological traits typically associated with the one sex. The sex of an individual, male or female, based on reproductive anatomy (the category to which an individual is assigned on the basis of sex) and the personal traits or personality that we attach to being male or female. Sex is defined as the biological distinctions determined by our genitalia.
Determining whether to divulge the gender of a child should be a personal choice. Society should not dictate whether one chooses to disclose the sex of their child. At conception, the gender is determined by chromosome characteristics and it will be the male (male semen) that dictates whether the baby will be a boy or girl. Nowhere in any literature that has been read or published that it states that “society” is the determining factor whether a girl or boy will be conceived. Society suggests that knowing the gender is routine, but what may be considered routine for some is not necessarily customary for all. If one chooses to stray away from what is considered to be “normal” it poses or present an issue. Individuals are instantaneously met with opposition or back lash due to nondisclosure of the sex of their child whether it is unborn or born. A typical argument would be as to what color clothing to bring for the unborn or born child, should one bring pink or blue?
English is the only important language in which gender is largely determined by the sex of the object for which it stands. The only exception when gender specific does not play a role at labor is with pseudo hermaphrodites. When dealing with pseudo hermaphrodites, someone having external genitalia of one sex and internal sex organs of the other sex there is no question about gender at delivery. Society should take the same open minded approach when confronted with normal deliveries.
Society needs to focus on the bigger scope of things, such as is the child healthy or is the child born deformity or abnormality free. Parents have the right to not partake in any conversations regarding their offspring. Gender is determined socially; it is the societal meaning assigned to the male and female. Each society emphasizes particular roles that each sex should play, although there is wide latitude in acceptable behaviors for each gender. Societies are not the person or persons that will ultimately be responsible for the well being or welfare of the child; thus, what society thinks is not the law. Society only brings forth their input and or derogatory thoughts that they believe on an outside of the household basis....

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