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CLAIM #1: Throughout history, the definition of feminism has evolved to promote a greater level of equality.
Language-- The definition of feminism affects how people act upon it. As the waves of the movement progress, feminism has become less about man bashing (second wave) and more about equality (fourth wave); so supporters of the movement petition for equality not for denigration of men.
Corroborated by Martha Rampton-- Professor of history and gender studies at Pacific University
Ambiguity of language-- just because a certain definition exists, does not mean every person will interpret it the same way.
Problem-- Fourth wave feminism suggests that we need equality, but how that equality is achieved differs for different people. This leads to the counterclaim:
COUNTERCLAIM #1: Feminism has regressed in its pursuit for equality as it is increasingly more focused on denigrating men.
Reason (formal)-- syllogisms help justify this.
Feminism calls for equality of genders because women are lesser than men; equality of genders occurs when men are brought down to the same level as women; therefore feminism is male-bashing .
CAFE held a meeting where they discuess feminists chopping off mens’ penises (an issue in itself); feminist protestors stormed the building and were extremely disruptive.
Tasnim Ahmed in Harvard Political Review claimed that modern feminism is conflated with feminism in the 60’s (second wave)-- which was associated with man hating.
Problem-- Valid, but untrue syllogism (One true premise, one false premise and a false conclusion). Equality can occur in two ways, bringing women up, or bringing men down. This rationalization only considers the latter.
CLAIM #2: Feminist language reforms raise consciousness that the world is patriarchal.
Language-- The English language clearly distinguishes between the two genders and male dominance requires the belief that the two genders are different.
Trying to rid the language of these separators will bring light to the fact that segregation is what has led to patriarchy.
Corroborated by Marilyn Frye-- American philosopher and radical feminist theorist; and Frye calls this concept “sex marking”.
Problem-- This conjecture is based on Whorfianism strong linguistic relativity-- language dictates cognitive categories; considered untrue. Steve Pinker believes that language helps articulate existing thoughts.
COUNTERCLAIM #2: In pursuit of gender equality,...

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