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Gender Pay Gap Essay

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Both the United States and European Union are very progressive and dominant economic and political bodies. Both the United States and European Union are leaders in global affairs, and set a standard for many countries to follow. Both the United States and European Union have strived to fight the gender pay gap. However, both the United States and European Union have yet to completely close their gender pay gap. The benefits gained by closing the gender pay gap boil down to the fact that such equality would create a more equal society. As well as equality between men and women, closing the gap would help reduce the risk of women going into poverty and an overall increase in women lifetime ...view middle of the document...

However, stating that the gender pay gap does not exist in today’s society, anywhere, is completely unlikely. Since the gender pay gap has loosened its grasp in the working world, in many countries, the gap between gender pay, in some, has widen or remained stagnant. One cannot help but wonder why large gender pay gaps remains consistent even in countries where substantial progress has been made to decrease the gender pay gap.
Reasons as to why gender pay gap exist so heavily, slightly differs from country to country but the overall effect from the wage disparity is wholly evident. Few agreeable reasons as to why the gap continues, expressed by the European Commission, are either by traditions and stereotypes, the “glass ceiling,” direct discrimination, or by under valuing women’s work ("What Are the Causes?). Several claim that the persistency of gender pay gap is that men and women differ in their choice of profession and educational degrees. Men, traditionally, attain “career-oriented” degrees such as engineering, sciences, and business, in which, usually, steer towards high-paying jobs, while women seem to wade near social service degrees or “pink collar” occupations, such as secretarial work or education ,in which usually produce a lower-paying wage. Although some cause for the gender pay gap is contributed by this observation, this claim’s full creditably is not absolute.
Even with the observationally based men and women jobs, there are still asserted men jobs where women reside heavily. Yet, few women in such rare position earn the same wage as either their male processor, or men in similar fields. Even more so, jobs that are alleged women jobs, women earn less than men do. Listed by the Bureau of Labor Statics, there are exactly seven out of 534 professions where women earn more than men do (Glynn, par 2). The seven jobs where women make much as men are a mix of typical men and women jobs. Sadly, however, the reality that exists in today’s society is that even if women are in typical male occupation such as executive positions or business related, women earn substantially less.
The “glass ceiling” is one of many possible reasons for the gender pay gap. The idea of “glass ceiling,” in terms of wage inequality, is a barrier in which women are kept from reaching their full corporate or earning potential, regardless of their qualifications. Expressed by Sarah Jane Glynn and Nancy Wu, policy analyst at the Center for American progress, American women rank highest on senior managerial professions than in any Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) country (Glynn, The Gender Wage). Yet, American women earn less than American men do as managerial professionals, CEOs, and administrators. Even with women’s recent education, success and qualification standings, this is still not enough for women have their due earned wages.
An additional view as to the source of the gender wage disparity is personal choice. Some women...

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