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Gender Reading Questions Connell, “Doing, Undoing, Or Redoing Gender” Assignment

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1. How have scholars responded to the question “Is undoing gender possible”?
West and Zimmerman have argued that gender can never be “undone,” but ight instead be “redone.” They argue that the accountability structures that maintain gender may shift to accommodate less oppressive ways of doing gender, but are never entirely eradicated.
2. Why did the author, Connell, focus on the workplace to study undoing gender?
There are two main reasons that Connell focused on the workplace. First, as generations of feminist scholars have argued, the workplace is a crucial site for the reproduction of gender inequality. Second, it has only been in recent years that transgender individuals have been “out” in their workplaces, thanks in large part to the efforts of transgender activities.
3. How does Connell define transgender?
Introducing in the mid-1980s, the term “transgender” has generally replaced the earlier term “transsexual,” which is now used to refer specifically to people wo have had or desire...

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