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Gender Reassignment & Female Genital Mutilation

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According to Milton Diamond, children with genital impairments at birth are being reassigned to surgery to be transformed physically into women (1997, p.1). But where has the psychological part of these individuals left behind? Is this newly made up female capable to embody society’s expectations about women? Will these individuals be able to conduct themselves as women in an intimate relationship? Female gender mutilation and gender reassignment surgery seem to be about fixing the problem momentously on the outside, but as a human being is composed of body and spirit, shouldn’t there be a correlation between the two components. In this paper, we will examine the position of three authors, and should there be a correlation between the body and spirit, perhaps Ms. Nancy Ehrenreich is absolutely correct in establishing that by not condemning those types of surgery, Americans are bias based on cultural misconceptions and prejudices. Diamond emphasizes in his article on how Scientifics attribute gender identity to the environment. Consequently, given this line of reasoning in the medical field, there is the predicament in raising a male child with a futile penis or a female child with a dysfunctional vagina, as Diamond states. In most of the cases they chose to implant a vagina in these children (1997, p.1). However, the implantations of a vagina in these children will not change the fact embodied by their genes, no matter how much encouragement, psychological therapies or even intake of estrogen would befall, none of these will change what they truly are. Human kind comes to this world with specific characteristics encoded in their chromosomes, these biological factors must be allowed to develop and function as they are in our bodies. The footprint in us should be treated with a level of dignity and respect. Diamond details how social Scientifics have tried to change a person gender, just because the size or the shape does not fix society expectations and hopping the child gender identity will respond empathetically to his or her environment (1997, p.1).” Physicians determine whether a child is a male by measuring the size of the penis”, emphasizing that physicians are not fixing the problem, they are making it worse, besides it appears to be that intersex surgeries represent an economic value to them and they are just interested on increasing the profit of their medical facilities. This is a serious and personal decision, which should be made only by the person in question. Individuals who have gone through this process in their infancy as in the case of Joan, claimed by Diamond, will never archive a successful life to at least get back their sexual identities. They would, otherwise, live with a feeling of deprivation of being what they really are (1997, p.3). Furthermore, nothing will have meaning for them since sexual life is a mayor integral part of life in general. I strongly agree with those who claim that gender identity is...

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