Gender Relations And Inequality In India

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Gender relations and inequality is experienced through lack of educational matters and unfair treatment of women and children, thus in many cases forcing women to run households, while the men are away at work in various seasonal migration jobs at unviable wages. As defined in a classic article, income inequality is “the distribution of total income amongst the represented population” (Gehring13). In outlined studies; evidence can conclude that poor gender relations in fact can be convoluted into other issues such as overpopulation, child malnourishment, low levels of GDP, and GNI. This in fact sounds to be true for what India is experiencing today. The predominant issue of gender inequality has led many down the pathway to poverty and what may be considered to many as the “Exploited Sector”.
The exploited and primary sector in modern day India, which most are subject to, is facing many challenging issues such as long working hours, low wages, and no benefits which contributes to the inequality standards. The National Commission for Enterprises in the Unorganized Sector (NCEUS), reports that the “exploited sector” Is the very lowest earning in all countries which in fact is found more often than not in India, as many workers have trekked to the Southern region of India. The workers make under minimum wage daily contributing to the lower standards of growth and overpopulation numbers. Workers are also subject to work extremely long hours outside for next to nothing where they are, what Dejanvry may term the “Traditional Sector”. India’s temperature is accurate for it’s often at times above 100 degrees during the day and cooler at night making this a great deal of hardship. The workers at time often are subject to work extremely long days, from 10-12 hours a day. The indigenous don’t have the proper equipment for their jobs either making them work as if they not practical. They aren’t given the right uniform to wear on dangerous sites such as construction sites. For their safety they should have proper hats, shoes and gloves.
In a more narrow minded scope, India society is subject to miniscule amounts of gender inequality issues. Women are not given the status equal to men therefor making women suffer the consequences by often at times going hungry at night, not being able to afford health care and education. Education is not common for women in India as they are forced to cook, clean and take care of the family while the working men are away at times for months (Desai and Banerji). This can be termed as a social inequality. In many types of work, women are not given equal wages as men.
Despite tall claims by the flag bearers of their society, women still are exploited, harassed and molested at high rates. Women are often at times sexually abused at workplaces which often at times gets overlooked. Although established laws treat men and women equally and prohibits the discrimination against women, yet the exploitation and inequality...

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