Gender Relationships In The Film Love Jones

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Gender Relationships in the Film Love Jones

Using the movie Love Jones I will talk about the characteristics of male/male and female/female relationship as they are portrayed in the film. Then I will talk about how different the female/male relationship is and focus primarily on their communication styles. There is some harsh vocabulary included in my essay but only in quotations that I have taken from the movie itself to communicate what was going on in the scenes I have chose to talk about.

Female/female relationship
Josie and Nina

Nina is one of the main characters in this movie and Josie is her best friend. A scene where their friendship is characterized is one where Josie and Nina are riding in a cab. Josie gets upset with Nina (briefly) when she finds out that Nina has had sex with Darius (the other main character) on the first night they went out. The haste in which they have had sex does not bother her as much as the fact that Nina does not tell her. This example is a direct correlation to one of the themes of women?s friendship that intimacy is cultivated through dialogue. This suggest that women build closeness in their friendships dialogue and by Nina not telling, it breaks the code of intimacy in a way. The establishment of a new relationship something like this that is an important part of Nina?s life, and excluding Josie from that is what is troubling her. Even though I do not believe that to be true in this example, that can be argued as a reason Nina doesn?t share.

So, once Josie gets over the initial shock of the news, she wants Nina to tell all the details ?how big, how long, everything!? The two women then begin to discuss the sexual relationship as only women can do. Nina says, ?It was like? his *censored* just? talked to me!? Josie replies with a sigh, ?What?d it say?? Only true friends can talk like that !

There was another theme of women?s friendships in this example that women serve a therapeutic function for each other. Josie apparently has had some bad relationships in her life so she seems to live through the experiences that Nina has. I?m not sure how healthy that is in real life, but it seems to be comforting to Josie in this movie.
Even the closest women friends do not talk about everything. Nina has just gotten out of a long and unproductive relationship with another man and the thought of jumping right back into that is too much for her. So when she says that ?This is no love thang; me and Darius are just kickin it.? I think she means it. She does not want to contradict something she said earlier in the movie to Josie. She said she isn?t going to make the same mistake twice. And that mistake is falling in love because as Nina says, ?it is as played out as the A-track?.

In another scene the two women are at the Sanctuary, which is the club where Nina met Darius. They come to the club straight from the train station because Nina wants to see if Darius is there. Darius and Nina have...

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