Gender Representation Within Fairy Tales: Rapunzel With A Twist!

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Ahh.. And they live happily ever after and once again all is well in the ever-smiling town of NEW YORK??? THINK AGAIN!!!Let me take you back to reality, where tragedy comes as quickly as it goes and happiness isn't always the easiest aspect of life to reach. This is Rapunzels story."Quick, quick, QUICK! You're late! Okay first to makeup then straight up to hair maintenance. Look at this mess! You haven't brushed it in days have you! Rapunzel, do hurry, this photo shoot is very important for your career!"Rapunzel had just been woken by her manager, her mother, after a long night of partying hard with her friends Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie and Lindsey Lohan at an exclusive party in Manhattan."This is big for your career, Rapunzel. Your hair is a gift, Rapunzel. Shut up", Rapunzel breathed angrily.She was so over the same routine. Everyday, photo shoots, video clips and advertisements. This was her life, she couldn't remember not ever doing this.Within five minutes the chauffeur had picked them both up and taken them over to the studio."Good morning Rapunzel", chanted the secretaries on their arrival."Yeah, Yeah morning", she repeated, as Martha started reciting Rapunzels itinerary for the day.She slugged herself onto the escalator to the first photo shoot. There, her mother was running around like a chook with its head cut off, yelling, demanding and ordering people around. However, no one seemed bothered, as if this behaviour was normal. Rapunzel headed straight for the couch and slumped herself into it, staring into space."Rapunzel", shouted her mother, who was ignored. "Rapunzel!" she repeated continuing to raise her voice at the thought of being treated like she didn't exist. "RAPUNZEL!!!" she screamed, so loudly, that the whole of level three stopped what they were doing and glanced.At that moment Rapunzel burst into a furious rage, "WHAT! What do you want from me? I'm sick of you! I'm sick of this! I HATE YOU!!!" and stormed out of the building.Weeks past and it seemed as though Rapunzel had hit rock bottom. The media, however, was in frenzy with headlines like 'Rapunzel binges to create internal happiness' and '30 feet of hair, partying hard and it shows!'Rapunzels good reputation was falling apart, as was her life, she had been seen doing everything, from drinking to chemical drugs.This was when she met Charlie, a former child star, who had an addiction to women, clubbing, and drugs. He and Rapunzel hit it off straight away, fell in love and weeks later the couple were seen tying the knot at Little White Chapel at 2am, totally off tap.Slowly their romance became evidently genuine but lacked an essential ingredient, honesty. One night when the pair got home, Charlie to his off with the fairies wife, with a confession, not knowing she had a secret herself."I have to tell you something Rapunzel but I don't know how you're going to take it." He paused as she started to convulse from excessive drinking."What is it Charlie?" she said with...

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