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Gender Role Development Essay

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Gender Role Development

I am a man, or maybe I'm a male, no wait I am a guy, although my parents still call me a boy, unless you ask an old person then I am a young man. Frankly, I don't know, understand, or care what I am because most importantly I'm me. My generation has numerous problems and some of the most pressing issues involve sex and gender. It appears we have some confusion on who's what and why, and I can see why this confusion exists we have some males wearing women's apparel and some females who are only females because of their lack of a penis.
When asked the question what was the difference between sex and gender I immediately thought my roommate was about to tell me a dirty joke. Once I realized that I was in class when I heard this statement I decided to research this topic out. To my surprise there is a difference in sex and gender. I now understand sex is from a biological standpoint, whereas gender refers to the role a society places on a particular sex. What I originally believed was the set-up for a dirty joke turned out to be a lesson learned. What surprised me most about the term sex was the connotation it received when spoken aloud. I find it interesting that a word used in the place of the word intercourse actually has more to do with biology.
I feel I am a pretty normal male for my society. I have a tremendous amount of pride. I enjoy sports and eating ungodly amounts of gut bombing food while watching television. I also feel I am a member of the superior sex and just better overall than most women. On the other hand, I feel I possess some qualities that on a gender level are considered feminine. I am a good listener. I am compassionate. I am a romantic. I enjoy cooking, and feel obligated to clean when I get the chance. I like to dress nice and smell good. I also am observant of small things.
My mother had the biggest influence on my better gender traits, while my father influenced the less appealing ones. My parents weren't very stereotypical in their gender roles. My dad was the emotional one he was much more apt to crying and also getting angry. My mother was the more logical parent. She also was the leader of the house. She pretty well told my dad who, what, where, when, and how. My mother also takes care of the finances, although my dad is the major breadwinner. My dad was also the non-confrontational parent. I feel I am a good blend of my parents. I seemed to have inherited and learned most of their good traits without taking on their bad ones.
In school I was the a-typical boy. I was around a lot of boys when I was young mainly due to participation in sports. When I got out of the athletic crowd I got into the artsy crowd. Through my high school years due to the crowd of girls and non-Neanderthal guys I hang around I was wrote off as a homosexual by people who didn't know me. In my school any guy who participated in speech and drama was pretty much thought of as...

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