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Gender Role Expectations And Inequality In Modern Media

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I have decided to examine gender role expectations and inequality in modern media and see how and if expectations and norms have changed over the years. I have studied three modern day teen comedy movies and found examples of many things including gender stereotypes, gender role socialization, gender inequality, and heteronormativity. Each movie contained examples of each and I have analyzed them by describing how each example shows what I interpreted it as.
My first movie I viewed was The Internship. This is a comedy about two men who have lost their job and decided to take on the challenge of becoming interns for Google. They have to compete against an army of younger interns to win ...view middle of the document...

I also analyzed the movie Fired Up. This film is about the two most popular football players who decide to ditch football camp and go to cheer camp for two reasons, the girls and the glory. I saw examples of gender role socialization throughout the movie. From a young age the boys were socialized into doing ‘manly’ activities such as football, soccer, basketball, hockey, etc., while girls were socialized to go more ‘feminine’ activities such as dance, cheerleading, and gymnastics. This was shown in the film as there were significantly more girls at cheer camp and on teams compared to boys. I also saw examples of characters going against the gender role expectations. Coach Keith was the first male cheerleader to compete at the nationals which goes against the idea that men are not supposed to do activities made for women. Brewster (Jack) goes against expectations as he explains in the following quote, “I'm Brewster. [whispers]. Not my real name. My parents named me Jack. "Jack" - so strong, so masculine. We get it! You wanted a boy! [throws up fists]. Ma name's Jack! I punch bad guys and I kiss girls. [reverts back to normal tone] Save it.” His speech shows a lot about his personality and even includes gender expectations but says “save it” to show that he doesn’t follow the expectations.
The final film that I watched was Easy A. This is about a girl who starts rumors about herself saying that she has done many sexual things with them to enhance her noticeability at school but ends up getting a bit out of hand and she struggles to fix...

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