Gender Role In Moso Matrilineal Society

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Moso matrilineal society, which is located in Lugu Lake, Southern of China, is often called the paradise of daughter. This is because of the society trace down their ancestor base on women’s line, unlike most society in China who practice patrilineal. Inheritance of property are also goes from mother to daughter. Many people believe that Moso matrilineal society is just simply a mirror image of patrilineal society which leads to false impression Moso’s women have higher social status in their society. However it is man that have actual higher social status. Men in Moso society have higher education level, can choose their lovers from a broader range when compare with women, and are the ...view middle of the document...

This may not be an advantages for traditional society, however globalization has spread thorough all world. People in Moso society may need education if they want to go outside of their place and searching for jobs outside their village. This will make men have a higher social position when compared to women since men have higher education level.
Moso people do not practice normal marriage, instead they do a unique way to keep their society exist which is called walking marriage. According to Lugu Lake Mosuo Cultural Development Association (2006), walking marriage is one of the most famous Moso culture, but many people misunderstood it. In walking marriage, a man will silently walk into woman’s room to do sexual activities and come back to his home in the morning. A man can enter woman’s room when the man accepted by the woman. It seems like girls get the advantage in choosing their lover. They can easily to reject or accept men that come to their room. However, it is man that choose the woman. Woman, in fact, is only can accept or reject the man. They cannot choose their lover if the man do not choose them first. On the other hand man can choose any woman that they want to be their lover and ask the woman if they want to be his lover. This shows us that there is a false impression that woman get the power to choose their partner, in truth man is the one that get the power to choose their partner. Man can choose his partner from a wider option, unlike woman who only can accept or reject the man who ask her.
Many people believe that women are leaders of their society in regard of their matrilineal value. However the truth is women are not supreme leaders in their society. An interesting fact that there are no a single female leader in Moso village. Based on an interview with one of Moso woman in a documentary by ABC Australia (2007), all village leader, village chief, and even head of women’s organization are men. This show us that men get a high social status by being the leader in Moso matrilineal society. Base on this fact, women do not have a higher status than man. People may say women is the decision maker in the household as one of the most capable woman in the family become the head of the...

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