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Gender Roles And Prejudice Essay

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Gender Roles and Prejudice

"Gender roles in our society are based on prejudice" is an essay about
the ways in which we stereotype each gender. These stereotypes lead
the children, through socialisation, to conform to the way in which
both male and females are supposed to act in society. For example, the
male stereotype in supposed to have physical strength, be aggressive
and competitive characteristics, whereas female characteristics are
supposed to be sensitive, caring and compassionate. If men act in the
female characteristics they are regarded as "wimps", and if women act
like men then they are called "tomboys". This view is bombarded at us
as children should affect us when we enter working life causing men to
have better jobs than those of women. This is prejudice.

I aim to find out whether these views are correct. I want to find out
are women biologically less abled than men and that's why we socialise
them differently, or do we think there is a biological difference and
that's why we socialise then differently.

In theory if there are biological differences between the two sexes
then once they are born their futures are pre-determined regardless of
the socialisation by their guardians through their comformative
period. I watched this programme called "freaks" on BBC1 and it showed
a boy in Germany who was abandoned in a house with a dog. Now the
boy's only agent of socialisation was the dog. He was found 10 years
later wondering the streets, naked and crawling on all fours and
barking at passer by. Now surely if nurture (socialisation) was less
effective than nature this would not have happened. We simply nurture
children into our society as to conform and not stand out. Our society
had a tradition of protecting females and let boys be boys. Also in
other societies with different cultures the roles are reversed. Women
do all the work and men groom themselves.

However, some people argue that nature is all that matters and nurture
in a minor factor. This could be deemed to be true. If you look at the
animal kingdom, nature, you see this. Let's take lions for example.
The lion gets the lioness pregnant and then if she is still allowed in
the pack by the other lioness's she raised the cubs with the pack. The
lions hunt for food and once they get the kill the lionesses comes
over and feeds her and the cubs. This basically means that the lion
gets the lioness pregnant, lion continues his normal life, the lioness
has to gain acceptance all over again. When the cubs are born the lion
continues as normal and yet the lioness has to nurture them in
everyway for them to survive. The outstanding thing here is that even
though the cubs know who there father is but also they have loads of
lionesses to look up to they stick to there mother and also how the
mother naturally cares for...

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