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Gender Roles Are Nothing More Than Social Constructs, Discuss....

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Gender roles are essentially the behaviour expected from males and females dictated by society, much of our behaviour as males or females is learnt from a young age from the people around us, for example, boys climb trees and fight each other because that is what the other boys in the playground are doing, girls pretend to be hairdressers and suchlike. This essay is about men and women and what makes them different.It is a cliché that men don't understand women, but what is her image of him?Roseanne Barr from the sitcom 'Roseanne' displays a classic female view of the male, she says 'Yes they have control, but only in two areas, starting barbecues is one, and the other is walking around in packs and peeing on things.' It is quite common for women to describe men as 'boys', this is because she thinks that he will never grow up whilst she has. Men and women are seldom more equal than in their lack of understanding of each other. Many women ask why must a mans differences from a womens make him so dominant in society, many women feel forced into a mans social framework, made to carry out roles of the wife, these roles still exist today although things are advancing somewhat as in comparison to the 1950's. As a result of these feelings women can feel anger or resentment towards men (e.g. radical feminists). A better balance needs to be achieved towards male and female needs within society, from the traditional male view that he needs to protect the women, and the feminist view that women should control the world.A way of trying to solve the dispute of views between men and women is to claim that there is essentially no difference between men and women. In this view, anything men can do, women can do too. The idea is that, looking beyond the physical differences between the sexes, both men and women have the same human brain. This view, however, has been disproved through the use of scientific experiments which showed clear differences between the sexes in the way that they think and act. Many people will argue against these scientific revalations, and other people will accept that there are differences but these differences are created by society, not genetic make up.The word 'gender' refers to social and biological differences between the sexes. Many people whom study in the field of gender will say that gender is constructed socially, which is basically what we are trying to determine in this essay. When we describe the differences in gender we often refer to the social side of it and not the biological.Modern men are under pressure from society to change their ways, they are constantly reminded that they need to get in touch with their feminine, sensitive side. The traditional male is a dominant bully who feels the need to show his authority to women, he thinks that women are just an inferior copy of himself, the new man (the one in touch with his feminine side) has seen the error of his ways and strives to be more like women. A man is not...

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