Gender Roles. From Point Of View Of American Of Vietnamese Origin.

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My parents came to the United States in 1985 as a result of the Vietnam War. They were both in their late thirties with some education, who had been raised in middle class families in Vietnam. My family escaped by boat to the Philippines. From there my mother's brother sponsored my mother, my older brothers and me to the United States. After having left my father and my younger brother in the Philippines for three years, my mother was finally able to establish herself in the U. S. so that she could have our family united. My mother was the last of her siblings to arrive in the United States. Establishing a nuclear family was not the concern of my parents when they came to the States. They set out to work and take advantage of the economic opportunities of their new homeland. They also felt the need for a two-income household, as a family of immigrants.My family now consists of my father, my mother, my three older brothers, who are currently twenty-six, twenty-five, and twenty-one years old and my seventeen years old baby brother. However, our household had always remained inconsistent throughout my childhood as well as my adolescence. When I was seven years old, my father sponsored two of his younger brothers to the U.S. As a result, they moved in with us. That same year, he sponsored his oldest sister, who also moved in with us. A year later, my uncles started to sponsor their family and moved out. My father's sister stayed with us for a couple of more years until she was married. In addition, my mother has nieces and nephews who claim our address as their permanent address. They visit and stay for months and sometimes years. Although their presence has many times been overwhelming, they became important contributors to the reproductive tasks in our household, mainly cooking and cleaning later in my childhood.My mother was raised in a family where her father was a doctor and her mother was a businesswoman who also ran the household. She has had a similar role to that of her late mother's back home. While maintaining a career as a businesswoman, she has done much of the reproductive tasks herself. She has also had help from her sister-n-law and her visiting nieces and nephews. In addition, as my older brothers became older, they began to share in more of the responsibilities, like getting their younger siblings ready for school and helping my mother with the simple chores. I never had many household responsibilities because I am the only girl and there were always duties for my older brothers and my cousins. My responsibility was to do what was asked of me whenever I was needed, which was not much. However, it is a large responsibility in itself to make sure that these tasks are being completed. So while my mother is a career woman and the main performer of the household duties, she also acts as the overseer when other people take on a portion of these tasks.In Asian American Women and Men, Espiritu (1997) describes two different studies done on...

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