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Gender Roles Have Changed Throughout Life Time

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After I have read an article Dad is helping out more; Mom is still exhausted” by Emily Alpert in the Los Angeles Times on October 9, 2013, I realized that gender roles have drastically changed from workforce to working at home for both males and females right now. Not only does these gender roles change occur in the United States but also in other countries in the world. I would like to identify the differences between sex and gender because people often get confused. While sex refers to the sum of the characteristics that distinguish organisms on the basis of their reproductive function, gender refers to societal or behavioral aspects of sexual identity. We can see that term gender is about learned behaviors which are embedded in our brains and become our norms and expectations of how a person should act, dress, and talk based on our sexual identity in families and society. Therefore, gender roles are critical in shaping people’s viewpoints about others in our society. I will discuss and compare family authority, education and job opportunities to illustrate how different gender roles were in the past and how they are present.
Our society plays an enormous role in determining different sets of attitudes, behaviors and responsibilities for people. For example, when children are born, they are bound by sets of related rules predetermined by the society. To be more specific, those children are only identified as either boys or girls. Also, boys are expected to wear blue clothes while girls are expected to wear pink outfits. Children are not allowed to choose the colors or toys they like because the society has chosen what they think if should fit for their children. In addition, culturally, males are expected to have more strength, aggressiveness, independence, intelligence and diligence. On the other hand, females are usually characterized with gracefulness, dependence, and sentimentality. The society and culture norms have influenced people’s perception about their gender roles.
In the past, females were not treated equally as males due to family authority, education, and job opportunities. The question, why men could do certain things while women could not, existed in women’s mind, and they encountered hard time to overcome that conventional thinking for a long time because of extensive unequally behaviors. Approximate sixty years ago in my home town, Vietnam, women always had to listen and follow men’s orders because men were considered with higher status and more powerful: father, husband or oldest brother in their families. Women were not allowed to voice their opinions or comment any ideas. Vietnamese culture portrays women as symbols of weakness; therefore, everything which women said or did was meaningless and useless. For instance, Vietnamese idiom “man was important, women was despised” which expressed clearly how unequal between men and women. In addition, girl was less welcomed when they was a child. For example, when my mom got...

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