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GENDER ROLES ON TELEVISIONTelevision is a big part of most people's lives today, but has anyone actually seen the distinct roles that mothers and fathers play in television sitcoms today. I watched an episode of one of my favorite dinnertime sitcoms, Everybody Love Raymond. I never really sat down and thought about the gender roles that each character plays. Right from the beginning of the opening scene Raymond wife, Debra was making dinner for Raymond. I would have never thought anything about her making dinner but it doesn't matter what episode I watch if there is dinner being made, Debra is cooking it. That is not the only gender role difference within the show. There was a scene where the Ray and his wife were mad at each other and he was pouring out a cup of milk but he spilled the milk on the table and floor. Even having being mad at him, Debra still decides to grab the paper towel and clean the mess they Raymond made. There is also a difference in sexual roles. In bed Raymond is the one to always initiate intimacy, while Debra is always the one to want to talk in bed. When sending the children to school she is always to one to pack the children's lunches for them. Even Raymond's parents are a part of society's gender roles. Ray's mom always comes over his house and brings food while the husband is always saying "Maria make me dinner." You see these things all over sitcom television but never really think about it. The man goes to work and the women stays home and cooks and cleans. Even though TV relationships might look like they're...

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