Gender Roles: True Or Fiction? Essay

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Young children usually have a favorite toy, for boys this is often a car or action figure, and for girls it is generally dolls and make up accessories. Most boys have their rooms painted blue to show their masculinity while girls have a pink color to show their femininity. I participated in a psychological research which was about looking at a connection between colors, emotional response, and the difference in the emotional responses between genders. From this, I learned that different colors for males and females distinguish a variety of feelings. From a young age people are influenced and told about their roles of their own gender usually by one’s parents. What is a gender role you may ask? Gender roles are a set of attitudes, behaviors, and self-presentation methods ascribed to members of a certain biological sex. This includes norms for behavior, which some researchers have started to call “the rules of masculinity.” I argue that gender roles are learned mainly through social interaction rather than biological forces because gender identity is constructed through communication experienced through the media, parents, and peers at school, at work and at home.
When individuals are born, one does not know what their gender roles are in life but tend to learn more about how to behave properly. Once the individual grows up then through media, parents, and society in general causes them to learn about their own gender roles. As children watch cartoons such as Batman or Superman, they observe how all the superheroes are strong men in which every young male would dream of being in their shoes. Men like the aggressiveness and the action in those characters, while women rather watch or play with Barbie dolls, or watch other programs for young females. Even the child’s toys are distributed among each gender where the parents decide their son has to play with a specific type of toy and their daughter is given their own specific type of toy. The article “Helping Children Understand Gender Roles and Avoid Gender Bias” states that “Boys' toys encourage… competition ... aggression...and following strict rules, while girls' toys encourage…nurturance…physical attractiveness…and emotional...

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