Gender Rolls In The Media: Its Influence Back In The 1920's And It Today.

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The origins of advertisement go back as far as many centuries before the birth of Christ. One of the first techniques of advertisements was the Display of and painting on an outside wall that would draw attention to it.In Medieval times merchants would hire people to shout out phrases about their shop and products to obtain more costumers. The first printed advertisements appeared after the invention of the printing press in the 1400's. The methods of Advertisements base upon the existence certain appeals. These appeals present the hope of more money, security against the threat of old age and illness, popularity and personal prestige, praise from others, more comfort, increased enjoyment, social advancement, improved appearance, and better health.The modern Advertiser does not anymore try to sell the product, but rather the comforts and benefits that the purchaser will have from buying these products. Thus, the advertiser purveys not cosmetics but the expectation of new beauty, allure, and hope using roll models and celebrities of the community who represent beauty and attraction .By selling this image of glamour through chosen models, they define the role and appearance that someone who wants appeal, needs to have. In the media, words, images, characteristics are put in peoples heads and are shown to them, making them think they have to obtain that charecteristic, or have that one trait to be liked and accepted by society. The media also determines what a person should be and act like in society. They must comply with the sold image, otherwise they wouldn't meet the standard that people look up to, or what people think they should be like.To show you how gender roles have been part of the media, and effected the role of these genders in the society, and how the gender roles in the media and also in society have changed since the 1920's, I have taken two adds out of magazines and compared them. One is out of the New York Times from 1924, and the other is from a modern fashion magazine called "The Vanity-fair"In the First advertisement from the new York times from Oct. 1924, the first thing we see is a big slogan i saying "Cloth That Have The Zest of Youth", followed by the name of the company, Macys, and then the name of the advertised collection.Right from the Beginning this Advertisement tries to make you believe that with the promoted cloth from this store you will look young and energetic again. The next things you see are the words " Debonair! Correct! Trig and sports like! Suggesting the dash and zest of outdoor pastimes ", followed by a smaller description of where all you can wear these cloths. Yet again here we see that the advertisement brings up traits that are good for that time and connects them with the cloth that is being marketed. In the middle we see the drawn picture of 3 women, Tall and thin, standing in poses, looking proud and elegant with a smile on their face. All women are wearing hats and have short and neat haircuts,...

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