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Gender Scripts In Advertising: An Analysis Of The Home Depot Commercial

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The Home Depot is a supplier of home goods and appliances such as refrigerators, grills, and paint. The store often uses visual advertisements to attract customers. In these ads there are portrayals of both men and women, which help to illustrate the gender scripts that are prevalent within society. To analyze these illustrations and come to conclusions in terms of stereotypical gender scripts in commercials, a visual sociology research project was completed.
Three different types of visual sociology are mentioned in a visual sociology Wikipedia article. The method chosen for our project is to study the visual data produced by cultures. Some ways of doing this suggested in the article ...view middle of the document...

Even when there are men and women working together, there seems to be 2 to 3 distinct dynamics: men are doing outside work while women are inside, separate and seemingly bored, men and women are in competition, or the man is dumb or clueless when it comes to decorating so the woman makes the choices.
When presenting the findings, a Powerpoint was used in order to display the hyperlinks for videos and to show these videos to the audience.
This project dealt with the theme of gender norms, which is relevant to the Sociology of Families and Intimate Relationships course, in that the project specifically examined how women and men are stereotyped in relation to home goods.
When discussing what we wanted the focus of our research to be on we decided on home goods. Once this was determined, we concluded that we wanted to analyze a visual artifact with a producer of home goods that would be aimed at men and women equally. We decided on Home Depot as this store is viewed as being a men’s store, yet sells some products that would be marketed towards women. Home Depot sells a variety of items ranging from lumber, appliances, plants, hardware, tools, lawn mowers, paint and even outdoor furniture. We focused our research on Home Depot commercials. We selected four very different commercials and each analyzed them. We focused our research on the gender of the individuals in the commercials, the wording used to sell the products being marketed, the colors shown in the commercials, how each gender was depicted in the commercials, and what their roles were.
For commercials geared toward men you are more likely to hear words like durable, strong, tough, and powerful. Where commercials that are selling a product to women focus on beauty or the ease of use using wording like sleek clean lines, soft, makes life easier. This is because men are portrayed as being masculine and being...

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