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Gender Selection For Non Medical Reasons Is Ethically Defensible

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I believe that gender selection on non medical grounds is morally permissible; I do not see it as morally good or bad, just neutral. From now on, whenever I mention gender selection I mean elective gender selection for non medical reasons. It is my view that gender selection is justifiable and can be tolerated.
My intuition tells me that gender selection is inherently wrong. I feel that it is selfish for a parent to decide the gender of their baby. I am a twenty one year old woman and in the future, perhaps ten years down the road I hope to become a mother. I would want three healthy children. Girls, boys, both, it does not matter in the least as long as they are healthy and as their mother I do my best to keep them healthy and happy. I do not see that my life would be better or worse if I had all daughters or all sons, conversely I do not see that my life would be better or worse with two boys and a girl or two girls and a boy. My point is that I do not see why there is a need for family balancing. This is my choice. However, in speaking to other women, I see that it is really important to them to be able to have a daughter and a son. That is their choice.
The right to having a family is a fundamental right and it is one that ought not to be limited in any way; to limit this right would be an infringement of liberty (Harris). The technology to determine the gender of a child before conception is there and if people wish to use that technology, the option should be available to them. Consider a woman who has three sons and she herself wishes to have a daughter to bond with. Perhaps this woman will try again and conceive another son and then abort that son. Maybe, she will try this again and again. It would be a vicious cycle and one that she should not have to go through.
In India, gender selection on non medical grounds is prohibited by...

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