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Gender Separation In Public Restrooms Essay

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For most of the general population, the decision of which restroom to use when in public is really not much of a decision at all. No thought needs to be put into it, people just choose one and go. For a transgender person deciding upon which restroom to use can be an agonizing decision to make, one that can lead to severe anxiety. Most businesses and schools have very clearly defined “men’s” and “women’s” restrooms. Within the transgender community, it is not that black and white. A transgender person is defined as somebody whose gender identity is different than the sex they were assigned with at birth (“New Law”). In simpler terms, it is a person who identifies as the opposite sex. This ...view middle of the document...

The argument plays on feminist concerns for women’s safety in public and traditionalist beliefs about men’s sexuality as uncontrollable and predatory (Kopas 38). The theory is that women are at a greater risk of harm sharing facilities with men than they would be in a women only restroom. Although it may sound like it would pose more of a risk, in reality, it could actually be safer. A common misperception is that a women’s bathroom is safe from sexual predators because it is for women only. The existence of a sign that indicates it is a women’s only bathroom is hardly going to keep a predator out. In fact, it could put a woman at higher risk because the predator can make the reasonable assumption that there are no other men around to stop them. In the case of the gender-neutral restroom, it is a high probability that there will be both men and women in the restroom therefore lowering the possibility that a woman is going to be attacked. An additional fallacy with this argument draws from the myth that most sexual assaults are committed by strangers rather than relatives or acquaintances (Kopas 40).
Another common argument against gender-neutral restrooms is that they would be not only unsafe but inappropriate for children. While it may appear that way, this just simply isn’t true. A mixed-gender bathroom would actually be safer than a gender-segregated bathroom, in that it would eliminate the necessity for parents to send their children into the bathroom alone, a potentially dangerous situation (Kopas 35). Opponents are also concerned about the potential moral implications that could arise. The main concern is that a young child may be exposed to a grown man at a urinal and see things that they have no business seeing. While this is a fair argument, enclosing the urinals in stalls easily remedies the problem.
A third argument against gender-mixed bathrooms is it would facilitate a loss of “bathroom culture” (Ward). In essence, people do not want to lose the “mystique” that surrounds the bathroom of the opposite sex. There is an air of mystery that surrounds restrooms and some opponents don’t want to lose that. They say men don’t really know what goes on in the women’s room and vice versa. Some people think that it should remain as such. Although this may be a sound argument, it lacks any real substance. Men and women have lived together since the beginning of time and to say that each doesn’t know what the other does in the restroom is absurd. Another issue some people have is that bathrooms are often used for socializing, hence why women frequently use the restroom together. Many people are concerned that integrating restrooms could cause the loss of the same-sex socialization. However, there is no reason that there can’t still be socializing in a mixed-gender bathroom.
Lack of privacy is yet another concern of people opposed to gender-neutral restrooms. Moreover, a lack of gendered privacy seems to be the concern. Many people already have a...

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