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Gender Stereotypes In T.V. Show How I Met Your Mother

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My chosen scene is from a popular T.V. show called How I Met Your Mother. This show goes with gender stereotypes and goes against gender stereotypes. The show is about a group of friends, Lily and Marshall being an engaged/married couple, Barney the single “player”, Robin a Canadian tomboy, and Ted the main character, who is a hopeless romantic trying to find true love in New York City. Ted, over the past couple episodes meets a girl and she becomes his girlfriend. In the meantime, he’s spending all of his time with her, Lily and Marshall have a romantic weekend planned leaving Barney and Robin to hang out together, they decide to have a “Bro” date. Robin and Barney do typical guy things, such as; smoking cigars, playing laser tag, and making fun of their other friends for being in relationships, particularly Ted. They make jokes like, “Ted’s to busy being in a lesbian relationship”, and “Ted can’t drink because he’s pregnant, because he’s a girl.” However, Barney praises Robin for being an awesome bro. Robin is a gun enthusiast, hockey loving Canadian, and an expert on cigars. Throughout the series, Ted looks for love as his friends make fun of him, and Robin continuously gets praise for her tomboyish ways. The show uses gender stereotypes for comedy, showing that it’s more socially acceptable for a woman to have more masculine hobbies but a man can’t have “feminine” qualities without being rebuked by his friends. My goal is to look at these studies to determine whether males and females are socially rebuked for being “sissies” and “tomboys” on equal levels, or if their gender makes a difference in how severe the consequences are for not being in the norm.
The purpose of the first study was to do two things. To demonstrate a technique for the possible identification of androgynous children, and to compare personality characteristics of children identified as the tomboys and sissies with those of their peers. These two things are to help answer these four questions. Do elementary school girls identified as tomboys show tomboyish behavior such as preference to boy’s activities, organized sports, leaderships, and rebelliousness as compared to other girls? Do elementary school boys identified as sissies show a preference for social activities, conformity, a tendency to nurture or seek approval, as compared with other boys? Which sex do they prefer to play with, and who prefers them in the classroom? Do both peers and teachers like them? (Hemmer and Kleiber 1981)
In the first study, they went to two different schools in the Midwest. They used 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students, their teachers (including music, gym, etc.), and their parents. They divided the students between male and female and gave them a survey. In this survey, it had the names of their peers and had statements, such as; this student is supportive, or this student is a sissy/tomboy, or who makes fun of others. The students had to write the names down that they thought exhibited...

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