Gender Stereotyping Essay

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Gender Stereotyping

Sex typing that may accompany conversational style is debilitating. Everywhere you look in today’s society this is a constant occurrence. People perceive the way you look, dress, act in public and make prejudiced views on whether you are educated, hold a good job, are wealthy or rich, and how successful you are in life. I think that this is almost a social norm wherever we go. We all do this and maybe we don’t know we are doing this sub consciously, but we seem to make opinions about other people rather quickly without sufficient knowledge. Why do we do this? Right when we started school we learned much of this through our teachers, parents, and friends. Cheerleader = popular, pretty girl. Guy that hangs out in library = nerd. I can probably think of a hundred of these examples just because this is the way our society works. We were taught that way and we follow it. It almost seems sad that we lead our lives this way but that is the way our society has become.
Gender stereotyping is a frequent problem of getting in the way of effective gender communication. We often don’t realize it but the way we communicate between genders plays a big role in our society. Sometimes men try to edge out women while conversing because the men feel like that they need to control or take hold of the conversation. Sometimes women do the exact same thing by being loud and obnoxious to get their point across. It’s almost like a competition of who can get their thoughts in the fastest way possible. Both genders in society today often hold preconceived notions of what a guy or a girl can or cannot do. I’m sure we have all seen examples of this constantly, either at school or at the workforce.
I feel that there are three major aspects that play a role in gender stereotyping. First, our book discussed strategies. Often time’s strategies are used to persuade a conversation; exchange strategies, which offer doing one thing in turn for...

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