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Gender Sterotypes Defined By Benedick And Beatrice In Much Ado About Nothing By William Shakespeare

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William Shakespeare’s writing reflected and at times emphasized the gender oriented stereotypical roles and responsibilities of the English Renaissance. However, many Shakespearean characters including Benedick and Beatrice of Much Ado About Nothing challenged the standard image and characteristics of men and women.
During the Renaissance period, males were seen as the leaders of society who were supposed to be the decision makers and breadwinners for their families. Men were regarded as the biologically, physically, mentally, economically, and politically superior gender compared to women. Because he abandoned his male friends and more importantly challenges the traditional gender roles, Benedick would be considered a womanish man in his time. Shakespearean society was clearly a patriarchal one in which women were expected to be subordinate to men not the reverse. However, Benedick goes against the ideologies of his own era when he repeatedly believed the women over the men in the play and obeyed the orders of women. For example, he stayed at Hero’s wedding and believed her protest of innocence despite the accusations made by two men who happened to be his fellow service men and friends. In addition, Benedick also challenged Claudio, his best friend, in a duel ordered by Beatrice just so he could prove his love for her. Threatening his best friend was a major decision that surprised even Claudio who responded by saying, “What, courage, man! What though care killed a cat? Thou hast mettle enough thee to kill care.” (V i 145-148)
Women in Shakespearean society were expected to be chaste, patient, silent, and most importantly obedient to their male counterparts. The sole purpose for women was to marry, have children, and raise their children to be socially acceptable adults. Because she is not submissive and constantly challenges traditional gender roles, Beatrice would be considered a mannish woman during the Renaissance period. Shakespeare presented her as the only strong female heroine in the novel because he...

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