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Gender Switch Essay

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As we have grown up we have been taught that men are the strong, tough ones and that girls are the weak, nurturing ones. These stereotypes have been drilled into our heads since birth. Everything from the clothes we were put into, to the toys we were given to play with caused us to believe that men were the superior ones and that women were inferior. In our town, the gender roles are reversed and the roles that are usually depicted as a men’s jobs are the woman’s and the women's jobs are the man's.
The community, Switchburgh, has a population of about 13,000 according to the last census, or population count, and is a combination of both a Gemeinschaft and a Gesellschaft. A Gemeinschaft is a ...view middle of the document...

An ascribed status is a social position you are assigned to without any regard to your own individuality, while an achieved status is a social position that a person gets by his or her own individuality, efforts, and achievements. It also ranges from very high class home to those in relative poverty, or the lower class. Due to the wonder mayor, there is a zero percent absolute poverty rate. She wanted to make sure that no one should have to have only the minimum amount of subsistence. With her new laws on minimum wage, as long as you work, you will be able to live a financially stable life.
The diversity in Switchburg is also constantly growing. Although it has a primarily caucasian community, there is an ever growing African American and Latin American group in the society. There has also been an increase in the Korean, Indian, and Japanese communities. Although there was once issues with racial groups, or groups of different races, years ago. Although there are some who do not wish to conform and still practice racist tendencies, the majority of people to not believe in racism and instead think that all people should be treated equally. As far as cultures, which are behaviors, customs and knowledge that are passed down, are concerned Switchburgh is a melting pot of sorts.
The majority of the population is composed of twenty to forty year old caucasians. The married population is higher than those that are not. Also, the majority of those that are married have at least one to two children and have nuclear families meaning that the married parents and their children that are unmarried all live together. Although the Switchburgh Medical Research Center has made amazing strides in increasing life expectancy, or the average number of years a person lives, through new medical innovations, or new discoveries or inventions, there is still a very small percentage of elderly due to the fact that many of them move away to retirement facilities after retirement. The mean age, or the average age most employees retire at is sixty-five, although based on your occupation it can vary. For example, doctors and successful business owners are able to retire earlier than those in the food service. ...

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