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Gender Today In Make Believe Play

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Does the development of Make Believe play lead to guys cross dressing and does this mean masculinity studies are inherently sexist? From ages 2 to 7, many children are doing make-believe-paly, a type of play in which children act out everyday and imaginary activities: such as pretending to be a doctor to help sick patients, playing house, or dressing up. The benefits of make believe play are, it helps the child reflects on thinking, it help controls behavior, and it helps the child gain in social, lingual and literacy skills. From recent videos masculinity is inherently sexist, because a child knows which gender role does what. For an example, the child knows which gender role goes to work and which gender role stays home to cook, clean and take care of the children. Make believe plays leads to cross-dressing and cross-dressing leads to being called mean names, being misunderstood and suicide.
In America, your gender is based on stereotypes, roles, and intensification, meaning stereotyping of attitudes and behavior movement toward a more traditional gender identity. In a matter of nature vs. nurture, your gender is based on what you are supposed to learn from your parents, school, and what the outside world teaches you. Men are supposed to have masculine traits, such as being strong, aggressive, tough, and non-emotional, and women are supposed to have feminine traits, such as being emotional, sensitive, nurturing, and weak.
In many masculinity and femininity studies it is said that males are generally masculine and women are generally feminine, and both men and women are supposed to have a gender role. A gender role is a “theoretical construct in the social sciences and humanities that refers to a set of social and behavioral norms that are widely considered to be socially appropriate for individuals of a specific sex.” ( If a man shows or has a feminine side, he would automatically be labeled or called a homosexual. For example, Fred C. Martinez was a Navajo who was two- spirited and transgendered. Two- Spirited is when masculinity and femininity is reflected in the body of one person. Fred would one day wear female clothes and the next day he would wear male clothes. His mother said” that Fred did not want a label; he wanted to wake up and say, “Who am I...

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