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Gender Topic:  Professional Obstacles Essay

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Gender topic:  Professional Obstacles
1.  Lowest Levels or Beginning Stages of Message Exchanges.  Level Selected: 1 Gender Joking and Gender Bashing
a)  A common theme in the workplace includes: gender joking and gender bashing. In a workforce that mostly hires men, women are definitely going to be prejudice against. Women are often seen as weak and are told that they're doomed to being submissive, and pushed down in their lives-- And in the workplace there sure is no difference. Due to these stereotypes, and the over-generalizations, it makes it easier to bash on the female population without a second thought. We all live in a world where this has come to be okay-- the jokes, the name ...view middle of the document...

" Something that can happen often is when using a stereotype; one will feel guilty, or embarrassed.
b) A way we can get rid of all the awkward tension about the topic of gender is to become brave and just talk. When we bring it up with the younger generations there will surely be an awkward atmosphere, but if families take the time to really talk about it and talk about "The Man Box" or "The Lady Box" -- figurative boxes made to categorize genders and their roles in society-- and how those stereotypes are not accurate to any of the genders it will become easier to talk about the opposite sex, and easier to stop the stereotypes.
3. Highest Levels or Advanced Stages of Message Exchanges. Level Selected: 11
Gender Issue Decision Making
a) When gender topics are raised it is important to have enough information to explain the gender issue. Being knowledgeable about the problem that it is being raised, create different ideas, and willing to use the correct information is the basis for making the correct decision.  Decision making is based on the action and the way people communicate.  People carry gender messages directly and specifically to create alternatives to the problem.  It is important to consider both positive and negative result to solve the issues involved.  The most important part is to have an open communication with the right information to be ready to...

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