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Gendered Discrepancies: Sexual Attitudes And Behaviors In Relation To Condom Usage

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In terms of the results of Wang’s (2013) study, they mostly aligned with his hypotheses along with showing even more information than he thought would be present. For example, it was shown through the sample of women taking his online questionnaire that they were more likely to adhere to societal norms when it came to condom usage—for instance, they would be more likely to use contraception due to the fact that they would not have to deal with consequences, such as an unplanned pregnancy or being ostracized society because of as much. The women in monogamous relationships were more likely to use contraception due to anticipated negative emotions than those who were in other types of relationships or no relationships at all. All the other information drawn from the females’ side of the evidence was not significant (p. 709). The male sample, on the other hand, seemed to have a negative correlation between condom usage and the anticipation of the amount of pleasure felt during sexual intercourse, especially if the men were in monogamous relationships. It was shown that they were less likely to use condoms due to the fact that they believed it would lessen sexual sensation. Overall, men statistically seemed to have less of an intention to use condoms than not (p. 710).
Wang’s (2013) study drew that anticipated negative emotions and societal norms were much more of a signifier for women in terms of whether or not they intended to use condoms, while on the other hand, men’s one defining factor was whether or not there would be a lack of sexual sensation with barely any concern over consequences that may be brought about without the use of contraception (p. 712). Although the associations between motives and condom use are not causal, their high correlation shows some significance in the long run as they seem to conform to the societal standard that women are to take care of contraception and men are to only worry about pleasure.
There was plenty to learn from either experiment conducted by the aforementioned researchers. For example, Sprecher (2014) came to the conclusion that men mostly feel pleasure and anxiety during their first sexual experience and women mainly feel guilt (p. 468). This showed me that norms existing in today’s society still reinforce the idea that women should be trying their hardest to remain supposedly pure as well as abstaining from premarital sex, thus leading women whose behaviors contradict the attitudes instilled in them to feel guilty about their actions, a form of confusion seen in cognitive dissonance. For men, it was clear that their pleasure and ability to perform was the most important aspect of their sexual experiences, thus reinforcing the idea that norms for men are still mainly sex positive. This showed again in Wang’s (2013) study where women were more concerned with consequences such as an unplanned pregnancy and being ostracized by their peers in terms of sex and men were more concerned with pleasure (p....

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