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“It is now widely accepted that gender is a social construction, that sex and gender are distinct, and that gender is something all of us do (Lucal, 3). In Betsy Lucal’s “Gendered Me”, She uses her experience and reflects on the consequences of the gender system in regards to her interactions and her identity. As a result, she analyzes gender misattribution through Lorber’s assertion that “gender bending” could serve continue gender categories than having to break them down, but finds herself often contradicting Lorber’s argument. On the other hand, Kimberley Christensen analyzes “Gender and Identity” in Deirdre McCloskey’s crossing, which addresses her transition from heterosexual male professor to a female, sparking questions over the definitions of gender, practices and institution we are subjected to force our gender boundaries.
For instance, Lucal’s begins her journey with an understanding of the concept of gender and how she often lives with the consequences of what is considered inappropriate “gender display” (Lucal 2). Furthermore, she recalls her experience with strangers, who either call her sir, or giving her the stare over her bathroom usage. This isn’t surprising considering how gender is currently handled as a social construction, making sex and gender distinct. It goes hand in hand with gender being something we do in our day-to-day life as it corresponds with how we feel. However, society cannot help but gauge if men and women in the US don’t conform in our hegemonic gender standards. Deirdre McCloskey can attest to this as she experienced this in her personal life but in a different way.
Before Deirdre’s transition, she was known as 52-year-old Donald McCloskey, an esteemed economics and history professor with a wife and two kids. Unbeknownst to nearly everyone, Donald would privately cross dress in women’s clothing but reassured himself that he was a straight man who liked to cross dress. It wasn’t until he made the process of multiple sex-reassignment procedures that McCloskey would have to endure coming out. His predictions over his acceptance shocked him when it came to his family and co-workers. For one, his mother’s ignorance over the situation was rather unwavering but his wife and children are now estranged, along with his very liberal sister.
From McCloskey’s experience, it shows that sexual identities are not viewed as something we are familiar with and could lead to the inevitable policing of thoughts and actions. The way he felt was considered unacceptable because he offended the norms abided by his sister and family that his new lifestyle was considered unacceptable or against the grain because this was something Donald’s family wasn’t prepared for and were not willing to accept. Although, I can’t speak for the McCloskey’s, I can presume that any sort of change or values of unfamiliarity can be hard to take because his family only knows Donald. It requires everyone of his inner...

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