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Genders Role In Organizational Motivation. Essay

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AbstractThe topic of this paper is related to the subject of organizational behavior, a subject that attempts to describe different behaviors and attitudes of employees and managers in organizations. The paper discusses the role played by gender in organizational motivation. It highlights the differences of gender today that have a negative impact on organizational motivation. This paper is written in the APA writing style.Outline1. What is Organizational Motivation?2. Why do managers need to understand gender roles in Organizational Motivation?3. The History of Organizational Motivation4. The Current Situation5. Suggestions deduced from researchWhat is Organizational Motivation?When we define motivation in general it is the set of processes that directs a person towards a goal. When talking about motivation in relation to organizations, motivated behaviors are described as voluntary choices that are under the control of the individual employee. The supervisor, who is actually the motivator, attempts to influence the factors that motivate employees to higher levels of productivity. There are certain important characteristics that have an impact on organizational motivation such as-Individual differences such as gender-Job characteristics-Organizational practicesIndividual differences are described as personal needs, values, and attitudes, interests and abilities that people bring to their jobs and gender is an important part of individual differences. By job characteristics, it indicates the features of the position that determine its boundary line and challenges. Organizational practices imply the rules and regulations, human resources policies, managerial practices, and rewards systems of an organization. The duty of the manager, motivator or supervisors is to determine that how these factors impact employee job performance (Gemmy Allen -1998).Why do managers need to understand gender roles in Organizational Motivation?By saying that a manager motivates his subordinates implies that a manager perform certain actions that satisfy the wishes and needs of employees, which further prompts them to act in a desired manner which is beneficial for the organization. It is extremely essential for managers to understand the role-played by gender in organizational motivation as it is his duty to motivate the employees so as to prompt to work in favor of the organization regardless of the gender. If gender differences are kept in organization motivation it creates an air of discomfort and reluctant ness among the gender that faces discrimination, which on the whole has an extremely negative impact on the productivity and success of the organization. Managers should be able to comprehend the various drives, desires, needs, wishes and other forces regarding the employees without any discrimination between genders of employees in order to motivate them. Managers motivate their subordinates by providing them with an environment that compels them to act in a...

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