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Gene And Finny Are Allegorical Characters In "A Seperate Peace".

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Innocent death caused by bleeding green with envyWars begin when countries compete to be the unsurpassed leaders of the world. It all starts with a good country that has the finest resources and the top technology. This country does not have to try to be the best; it is born to be, and it lives angelically with other countries. Consequently, the immeasurable greatness of this nation is never loved by all. The weaker countries develop evil jealousy, and hatred for the dominant empire. Soon the wickedness of the county starts creeping out. Mournfully, the powerful country lacks the ability to see the hatred flowing through the veins of the weaker country. As a result of the jealously, a massacre of the superpower takes place, and the once weaker country over takes the superpower. In the same way that envy leads to the termination of a country, if affects people also. People, who do well for themselves in life, are envied by people who do not accomplish the same. This leads to obsessive jealously by evil characters, therefore resulting in the end to the once prosperous individual. John Knowles uses two allegorical characters in his novel A Separate Peace, to represent how Gene's evil personality and the innocent charisma of Phineas affect each other. Finny's death is caused by Gene containing envy for Finny's attitude, personality, nature and talents.Gene was doomed to be wicked well before his teenage years when he caused the death of his best friend Finny, his parents were the initiators of his fate. When a mother and father pick a name for their offspring, they pick names that will represent what their child will become. According to critic Anne Alton, Gene's complete given name is Eugene, which means well-born when translated into Greek meaning (250). His name alone shows that when he was brought into this cruel world, he had high expectations that his parents set. Throughout the novel, Gene feels there are certain standards he has to meet with sports, grades, goals, and status. Gene declares to Finny that he has to study for his French test, rather than watch Leper Lepellier jump out of the tree. He wants to do well on the test so that he can compete with Chet Douglass, who is Gene's main opponent for the position of class valedictorian (Knowles 58). Gene fells that being the smartest teen in his graduating class is a good way to prove to his parents that he is worthy of his high ranking name. Gene feeling unable to live up to the standards that his parents created causes him to have mental jealousy issues. Finny is living up to his principles of sports without practice or help.Caused by Gene craving to meet his parents' high expectations, Gene's mental war against Finny thrives. Gene's jealousy multiplies day after day, and within his evil mind, Gene sees Finny on a pedestal. Causing Gene's rage is feeling like the teachers would let Finny get away with anything due to his sweet talk. An example of this is when Finny rushes to get dressed for...

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1466 words - 6 pages , having the same class with someone or being someone's roommate. No matter how friendships develop, a good friendship is priceless. In A Separate Peace, as we evaluate the different friendships, we find that life changing relationships can be born out of conflict.Some friendships are sparked by our individual differences. Gene and Finny were polar opposites and yet all of these differences did not hinder them from developing a meaningful friendship

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578 words - 2 pages In life people are often faced with circumstances. These circumstances can either help the person grow, or it may give the person sorrow and pain. John Knowles in A Separate Peace places his characters in situations, which they could either grow from or could suffer. As humans we wish that everyone will change for the good, unfortunately that doesn't always happen. We can see this through the two protagonists in A Separate peace; Gene and

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1177 words - 5 pages ''The more things change, the more they remain the same.''(904) There are many themes presented in the book A Separate Peace, But I think the most meaningful and bold theme in the book is the theme of transformation. The most obvious transformations were that of the main characters, Gene and Finny. Some other characters besides Gene and Finny also had transformations. For most people, transformations occur over a matter of years, or even decades

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922 words - 4 pages some way. Gene is finally learning to except his emotions, Finny is admitting the bad, and Leper the person you would least expect to be in the war joined the war. Gene is the narrator and protagonist of A Separate Peace. He suffers from all PDF the regular teenager ailments; self consciousness, jealousy, an identity crisis, and uncertainty. It is obvious from the start that Gene holds a great deal of admiration for Finny. Finny is a hero

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654 words - 3 pages characters in this story. The characters he has negative relationships with are Finny, Brinker, and Leper.Finny was the one who was talented at everything. He was great in sports, popular, and never seemed to get in trouble. The never getting in trouble part really bothered Gene. "He had gotten away with everything, I felt a sudden stab of disappointment". That's not what a true friend would say. It was quite obvious that he was jealous. He wanted to

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828 words - 4 pages A Separate Peace sustains several different conflicts throughout the novel, both internally and externally. The emotions are constantly on a rollercoaster ride, going from happy, sad, then to resentment. Gene and Finny both have conflicting emotions about each other, resulting in diverse thoughts on one another, and issues within the friendship. The internal and external conflict by Gene and Finny are created through jealousy, insecurity, and

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