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It is pretty difficult for one to understand or realize what determine our destiny. Even though genes influence every aspect of human physiology, development, and adaptation there are many questions left unanswered. For instance, what influences or determines my sense of who I am? What makes me distinct from other people? To what extent do I determine my own destiny? Does gene make me addicted to crime, alcoholism or drug abuse? What is the relationship between one’s intelligent and gene? How does science inform human identity? In an attempt to answer this questions various researchers have come up with contradicting ideas in determining if our characteristics and behaviors are primarily due to genetics or the environment in which we live. There are many issues and aspects of lives that influence us daily. These aspects create different situations that lead us to determine our path and destiny.
To begin with, our similarities to our parents in personality is entirely genetic, we are born with a set of genes that never change. For instance, during conception two set of genes joint together into one and from that moment D.N.A starts to determine certain characteristics that we possess. For example, we all accept that gene determines our eye color, height, blood type, gender, color of the hair and other biological factors. But scientists have begun exploring the role of gene in our behaviors, many believe that the power of gene determines all consequences in our lives and others believe that genes do not determine everything in a person life.
Many studies have been done to find out whether our destiny is written in gene or determined by circumstances. All this studies reveals that gene may determine how we behave in a given situation. This way the behavior can be result from the genes, and not by education or habits. Some features of a person will never change, and other can be easily changed. These fascinating findings tell us that genes help us to control how we interpret our environment. Many scientists have concluded that genetics are the cause for many physical behaviors while others argue that genes do affect behavior. However, a section of them believe that behaviors are compound and involve multiple genes among many other factors. So genetics are just partly what affects behaviors. Behavior is a peculiar trait and is affected by both genetic and environmental factors even though the presence of certain genetic factors may increase or decrease the effects of others, as the genetic and environmental factors involving the individual interact with each other.
On the hand, researchers have discovered that some of the roots of high blood pressure, cancer and possibly even alcoholism are found in the genes. They also believe that gene may play a role in the development of obesity, some type of depression and diabetes. However we must know that while genes play a role in many diseases, so do the conditions and circumstances of our life and the...

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