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Gene Expression Essay

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The process of gene expression is used by all known life known as eukaryotes which include multicellular organisms, prokaryotes like bacteria and Achaea, and viruses which generates the macromolecular machinery for life. Gene expression is what “turns on” the genes and makes a product. The products made could be an enzyme, a protein, or a control molecule. These products are often proteins, but in non-protein coding genes such as mRNA genes or tRNA genes, the product is a functional RNA. The order of gene expression is transcription, RNA processing, then translation. The control of transcription: this is the first step of gene expression when a particular segment of DNA is copied into RNA by ...view middle of the document...

They are the ones that bind in and out of the RNA polymerase region. The TATA box is needed for transcription because RNA polymerase II cannot recognize the start sites on its own. If transcription of prokaryotic protein-coding genes creates messenger RNA that is ready for translation into protein, transcription of eukaryotic genes leaves a primary transcript of RNA. The 5’ cap that is added protects the RNA from degradation. A modification that is very important to the eukaryotic RNA is RNA Splicing. RNA splicing is the modification of the promising pre-messenger RNA transcript in which introns are removed and exons are joined. Exons are expressed and is any nucleotide sequence encoded by a gene that remains present within the final mature RNA product of that gene after introns have been removed by RNA splicing. The intron part is any nucleotide sequence within a gene that is removed by RNA splicing while the final mature RNA product of a gene is being generated. If the gene transcribed encodes a protein, the result of transcription is messenger RNA,...

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