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IntroductionGene One is a biotech company which creates a gene altering technology that eliminates the need for pesticides keeping farmers' overhead low and organic food lovers happy. In fact, the overarching vision of Gene One is to, above all, make a contribution to society. This paper will describe how self-managed teams for Gene One will make the company that effectively.More specifically, in addressing the improvement of self-managed teams, employees motivation, improving variables, while teams with higher levels of employee motivation are more productive and efficient than those with lower levels of motivation.History and key employees of Gene OneIn order to take Gene One public, the company must develop and implement a strategic plan that will maintain the focus of the company, broadening and enhancing its employee base while expanding its reputation in the public eye.The founder, Don Ruiz is the Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Ruiz, recruited friends and relatives in addition to using initial investment dollars to help create Gene One, the company of his dreams. Don is a very people oriented leader and this shows by the make-up of his executive team. Michelle Houghton, is his close friend and the Chief Financial Officer who has a strong sense of ownership in Gene One. Michelle's talent at securing dollars from private investors has made a positive reputation with the Federal Department of Agriculture and Gene One's board of directors.Another founding member of the leadership team is Teri Robertson, Chief Technology Officer and Don's niece. Teri has single handedly developed the genetic breakthrough technology that was instrumental in the success of Gene One while being devoted to the organization. Just recently, Teri received the top biotech scientist of the year award.Charles Jones, the Marketing Officer, is probably the weak link in the entire organization. Although Charles is smart, self-confident, and trustworthy he has not been able to bring closure to the marketing and branding projects he initiated. Charles is not a founding member of Gene One.Greg Thoman, Chief Human Resources Officer can to Gene One six years ago with a strong reputation of getting things done. He is very good at what he does and has been busy providing staffing for the growing company. Greg in fact, has been overwhelmed by hiring thousands of employees, that the need for recruiting talent for expanding and growth of Gene One has been placed aside with no future date.The last two players are John Kirby and Susan Wells whom are on the board of directors and in Gene One provide a wealth of experience with them to the organization. John is currently the CFO of a nuclear medicine company and has 30 years of experience in related fields while Susan has a style to be methodical in her decisions she is well connected to influential people who can often sway her opinions.Not all the leadership team is enthusiastic about making the company public. One of the concerns voiced...

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2910 words - 12 pages Gene One is coming up on another stepping-stone for their organization with the transition to an IPO. They have come a long way since they first began in 1996 from a small start-up company to a company that needs to go public to attract investors and capital to fund the new products, staffing and innovations. Their culture is lacking the growth and has not grown as fast as their successful products have. The CEO and founder, Don Ruiz, needs to

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3412 words - 14 pages Problem Solution: Gene OneBest practices have been established the past several decades. Gene One needs transformational leadership to realize the vision of taking this company into the public sector. Management of organizational behavior has been lacking, and the senior management team is operating ineffectively. Creating a culture of excellence will spark a transformational change needed within the company.Situation AnalysisIssue and

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4042 words - 16 pages Under the criterion/theme, "Apply conflict management methods to enhance group and team performance, I have chosen the issue of "Resolving Conflict through Negotiations."Here is the issue I identified in the scenario and how it also applied to my benchmarked company, Microsoft-Novell. One of the issues I found with Gene One is that ever since Don Ruiz, CEO and founder of the company advised the leadership team of the plans to go public and

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2597 words - 10 pages Gene One is a biotech company that assisted in the discovery of gene technologies that destroyed disease in tomatoes and potatoes. Through this discovery farmers no longer needed to use pesticides when growing their plants. Consumers didn't mind buying homegrown products without chemicals. Now that Gene One is a successful $400 million dollar company, the Chief Executive Officer, Don Ruiz and his board believe that in order to keep up with the

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2771 words - 11 pages AbstractThis paper discusses research which was undertaken to find the best leadership style, which will help Gene One move forward. A theoretical framework is developed from literature search and this is used by the author as the basis for determining the best CEO for Gene One. The researcher collected data within this framework and analyzed it according to the precepts laid down by earlier researchers in the field. The data is used to

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1793 words - 7 pages Gene One is a company that recently enjoyed breakthrough success with a discovery that benefits the plantation and farming industry. This gene technology intervenes with the eradication of disease in tomatoes and potatoes. "As a result, farmers no longer needed to use pesticides when growing these plants and consumers were pleased to buy homegrown products untainted by chemicals." (Gene one, 2005) The discovery was in the biotech division of the

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1440 words - 6 pages implemented a corporation will enter in a process of healthy grow. The manager’s role as a problem solver for an organization is defined by Mac Shane & Von Glinow (2008) as “decision makers translate information into evidence that something is wrong or that an opportunity is available”, This is why managers as producers of change and opportunity finders are extremely important to the healthy development of the company’s operations. Gene One is a

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4556 words - 18 pages benchmark is that people trust public holdings than the private holdings. (Choo, 2005). It provides confidence in the company as it promotes transparency in management and day to day operations plus the profitability is for everyone to see and evaluate. In this paper, I will discuss Gene One situation and its end-state goals using the 9-step problem solving model.Situation Background (Step 1)Gene One is a successful biotech company with

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4129 words - 17 pages Problem Solution: Gene One PAGE 17 Running head: PROBLEM SOLUTION: GENE ONEProblem Solution: Gene OneUniversity Of PhoenixTransformational LeadershipMBA520Mike SawyerNovember 12, 2007Problem Solution: Gene OneA recent scandal was publicized through the media involving a company in the biotech industry. The information poses as a threat for Gene One. Gene One entered into the biotech industry with a breakthrough for ridding tomatoes and

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6405 words - 26 pages &T are two companies faced with similar issues. Gene One is determining to go public in order to increase revenue as well. Both companies are faced with establishing the company as a strong competitor and showing Wall Street that AT&T and Gene One both have the leadership and organizational capabilities to succeed as a public entity. Gene One and AT&T are both faced with cultural issues and the loss of very valued employees which may