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Gene Therapy For Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer, And Sickle Cell Diseases

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In this report one will read my decision of how the 10 million dollars would be dispersed between Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer and Sickle cell disease. Briefly to explain my decision I choose these three because of the amount the people that get affected by these diseases are in staggering number. Cancer will have 5 million while Sickle-cell disease will have 2 million and finally Multiple Sclerosis will have 3 million.

Beginning with Cancer, it is class of diseases characterized by out-of control cell growth. Currently there is around 100 different types of cancer. In current times some forms of cancer are already curable but some are only curable up to certain stages. Currently in the word there is around 13.5 million diagnosed with cancer. It will benefit the whole world if gene therapy is able to cure cancer. Many people lives will be saved and we will be done with this dreaded disease. Many people believe that cancer is curable but in reality not all cancer can be curable. Some types of cancer if diagnosed early will bring a higher survival rate due to early treatment. If one ask him/her self that how many people one knows that has cancer, their answer would be yes because we usually have or lost family members due to cancer . Now giving the cancer group funds to increase their research would prevent many of these tragic times one can experience.

Sickle Cell disease is also in my choices because it is where one’s own body starts to fail to deliver oxygen to the important organs or creating blockades in the blood veins. The RBCs (Red Blood Cells) are mutated when the 11th chromosome is in the beta subunit and can’t form the RCB in its normal state. They look crescent/moon shape instead of the traditional circular shape, So they aren't effective in transporting oxygen and tend to bunch up. Due to the fact that this disease is cause from one’s DNA it can be inherited by your parent’s gene. What Sickle Cells do to the body is that...

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