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Geneology: The Study Of Your Family History

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There are many people who aim to properly define themselves in this world indulging in soul-searching, curious about who was before them and genealogy is a powerful tool to use to find the answers to questions many people across the world are asking. According to “What is genealogy” (2014), “genealogy is the study of your unique family history. It is a personal record of your ancestors -- when they were born and where they lived, who their children were and who they married, and where you belong in your extended family tree. Learning about your family history usually starts at home by talking with relatives and friends, and recording information about your ancestors.” It can be frustrating to one who knows he has a story but is not able to account for the beginning chapters. Everyone is different and each person’s story is unique so it is imperative to be knowledgeable of yours. Trying to track an ancestor may prove to be a tedious task for some but maybe a little less hassling for others. Once a person has the desired drive and attitude to fill the missing pieces of the puzzle then positive results are possible. One may think of going to a genealogy centre or a facility that provides genealogical services in order to get results which is recommended and commendable but work can be done before leaving the home. It is important to first talk to family members, ask questions and make jottings. Search through family documents carefully for birth certificates, marriage certificates or any document that will outline critical information about the members of the family tree. Each person who indulges in genealogical research may not have the same needs and objectives. Some people may just do it for the fun of it, while some may want to explain their family a bit better to their children, some may just want to meet family members who are still alive but have to track back first in order to do so. There are countless benefits and conclusions that genealogy can provide. The journey has potential to be exciting causing shock and awe when certain information is discovered but it is extremely essential to be knowledgeable of your story.
The importance of genealogy is very high and must be viewed as a necessity amongst the world’s population. A person can often forget things from the past, which is considered normal but it is highly unlikely for a person to forget something of substance and noteworthy in nature like a family member. When a human being is born, that is the state of mind that the person possesses already – no knowledge of the past but not necessarily “her” past. An example of how important the past is can be illustrated by a person who suffers from the Alzheimer’s disease. According to Van Horn (2003), “Alzheimer's disease is a form of Dementia, impairing brain functions such as memory and reasoning.” This person cannot remember their past and can only react to situations as they fall due with no chance of making...

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