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Question:Ethics can exist only if two basic assumptions about human life are made. What are these assumptions and what evidence supports these claims?Introduction:Ethics address in what ways is morally proper to behave in certain situations. However, in order to study the field of Ethics, or even for the field of Ethics to even exist, two assumptions must be made. First and foremost, it must be assumed that humans have free will and make their own choices. The second assumption is that a true and ultimate right and wrong exist. The choices we make are made based on a universal code of right and wrong. With our free will and our own understanding of right and wrong, we as humans are therefore responsible for our own actions. Of the two assumptions, the idea of free will is a much larger leap of faith. If we assume we are in control of our actions and destiny, it seems only natural that a code regarding right and wrong exists. "With human life, however, a new dimension emerges: we have influence over our conduct. So, what is good, mediocre, or bad in the case of human life is for us to bring about. Our own choices affect how well we are doing. We can seek to actualize the potential of our nature in a way that nourishes our lives or we can default on this obligation. And this is where morality or ethics arises" (Machan and Chesher xv).Skepticism Regarding Free Will:Many people argue that ethics does not exist because humans do not have free will or even true control over their actions. Noted author and professor Tibor R. Machan writes that ethics "is controversial for several reasons, among them the perennial problem of whether human beings are free agents, capable of initiating or causing their own action. If the answer is that they are not, that everything we do is the result of factors that determine what we do and we are simply being moved to behave as we must given these causal factors, then ethics is impossible or must be understood as proclivities or tendencies a healthy person follows but other have somehow been prevented from following." (Machan and Chesher vii)Some in scientific community have been quick to point out the unlikelihood of free will even existing. True scientific thought believes in an ordered and law-abiding world where Occam's Razor is the ultimate guide to determining truth. Free will does not seem to follow the patterns established by the rest of the natural world, and therefore would seem to be unlikely to exist. Moreover free will is not observable and not provable in anyway.It is understandable that many people have taken all of these factors and drawn the conclusion that an intangible, unobservable, complex, improvable, and truly unique quality to humans only, probably does not exist. Instead many...

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