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General Douglas Mac Arthur, A Key Figure In American History

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There have been many great figures throughout American history, Douglas MacArthur was a key general throughout World War II. He was a important figure in history because he was famously in command of the allied forces in defending the Philippines, he was the leader of the United Nations forces in the Korean War defending South Korea from the communist North, and he was a war hero even after he was no longer in the military inhis later years. And that is why I think General Douglas MacArthur is an important part of American History.
Douglas Macarthur was born in Arkansas on January 26, 1880, to a military family where his father was a Captain in the Army. Macarthur was the youngest of three boys. He went to and graduated from West Point Military Academy. While Douglas Macarthur was at West Point, he was friends with the grandson of famous American general and President, Ulysses S. Grant III. After his graduation Douglas Macarthur became a junior officer in the army and was sent to patrol the construction of a camp in the Philippines. A famous story from MacArthur’s time as a junior officer is that when he was on patrol, he was ambushed by two Filipino guerrilla soldiers, he killed both of them. Then, he was reunited with his father in china and got to finish his time as a junior officer with his dad. Finally, in 1908 Douglas Macarthur was given his first command of Company K, 3rd Engineer Battalion, based out of Fort Leavenworth in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
General Douglas MacArthur was such a well known military force, the president of the Philippines asked General MacArthur to help with the formation of a national army in the Philippines. And he was eventually appointed to the Commonwealth Government of the Philippines.
The Battle of the Philippines started just ten hours after the attack of the american naval base at Pearl Harbor. General MacArthur was forced to stay focused on Bataan while he was waiting for reinforcements. Eventually, General MacArthur had to leave the Philippines and go to Australia, and he left with the famous quote… “I came through and I shall return.”
The Philippines battles were led by General Douglas Macarthur when President Roosevelt named MacArthur a major general and put him in command of the U.S. Army forces that were located in the Philippines. As soon as attack of Pearl Harbor occurred, George Marshall ordered General Douglas MacArthur to use a war plan that had been planned earlier, the war plan was called Rainbow Five. A bit of controversy surrounded General MacArthur’s command in the Philippines, when he denied ever giving Lewis Brereton permission to launch an attack and that led to a japanese group of planes destroying eighteen of the thirty-five planes that were on Clark Air Field, this also resulted in eighty people killed and over one- hundred and fifty people were wounded. The U.S. knew that the Japanese Air Forces could not be stopped from landing so the U.S. was required to abandon Manila and move...

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