General Economic Environment For Investments Iu Bus F420 Study Guide

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Exam Prep
The “New Facts in Finance” paper will not be on THIS exam.
The “On the Timing and Efficiency of Creative Destruction” may be on this exam. Read the Intro and Conclusion. NOT THE MAIN BODY OF THE PAPER.
Yes, I have been serious about reading the chapters. If you wait until next weekend to do this, you will (a) have a bad weekend, (b) likely do poorly on the exam, and most importantly (c) miss the opportunity to learn many useful aspects of “Investments”, the sum of which will indeed reinforce nicely what we have talked about in class. Again, I see the world as composed of two types of learners: (1) Isaac Newton, Big Al (??)—stuff just shows up in their brain somehow…typically IQ > 160 and (2) people that need to read, study, collaborate in groups, due problem sets, read again, do more problems. Yes, it’s a struggle. I am the very much the second type. I think you are too.
Chapter 17: The Macroeconomic Environment
· Read the entire Chapter
· Key Terms: all should be understood, but I won’t test on NAICS industry codes
· Questions 1 through 21.
· What’s not in the book: Creative Destruction; Structural=micro foundation vs. Reduced Form Models; Lucas Critique=even if you do some regression, everything changes...

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