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General Electric Company description and the history of developmentGeneral Electric Company (GE), incorporated on April 15, 1892, is a diversified technology and financial services company.1878-1904. From the invention of the first practical incandescent light bulb to building America's first Central Power Station, the GE tradition of life-changing innovations was underway. With power and light, GE provided the basis of modern life, quickly redefining everything from the length of the day to our knowledge of the human body through the development of the first X-ray machine.1905-1924. GE made history with the first voice radio broadcast, changing forever the speed of shared information. Meanwhile, GE's spirit of invention produced the first of many modern conveniences with the first electric toaster and the first Hotpoint electric range. At the same time, work on vacuum tubes enabled the beginning of electronics, while work on resins brought us plastics in a wide variety of new forms. Helping mankind expand its horizons, a plane equipped with a GE supercharger set a new altitude record of 40,800 feet. Back on the ground, GE built the world's largest electrical installation at the Panama Canal, vastly improving shipping times. In the home, many daily foods were given a new lease on life with GE's latest addition to the long line of household conveniences: the refrigerator.1925-1945. Helping out around the home involved more than thinking up the latest modern conveniences like the electric washing machine, air-conditioning, the dishwasher, and television. GE also responded to the Great Depression by introducing GE Consumer Finance so that customers could pay for new appliances over time, helping them build a better home even when times got tough. A number of GE innovations helped us see our world differently, from the first fluorescent lamp and "invisible glass" to the first television network, and radar which let us "see" twenty miles away, even at night! More GE firsts in aviation brought us the first U.S. turboprop, autopilot, and the first U.S. jet engine, while Howard Hughes set the record for transcontinental flight with an engine powered by GE.1946-1985. A time of prosperity saw the GE tradition of astonishing scientific ingenuity continue with discoveries that included membranes for water desalination, seeding the clouds to make rain, and the development of Lexan, a transparent plastic of unsurpassed impact resistance. On the...

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