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General facts of the disease
This disease occurs when the meninges AKA the lining around the brain and spinal cords has inflammations, probably causing many disturbances in the neural system. It comes in two forms; viral and bacterial infection with differences in effects depending on what form of meningitis it is.
Common symptoms are fever, vomiting, severe headache, cold digits and pale or mottled skin. There can also be rashes and hyperventilation but there are also some psychological and neural effects Meningitis may have, some of which are photophobia, increase in being sleepy or seizures. However, these symptoms can also appear from other diseases so the best way to diagnose is ...view middle of the document...

For newborns, the common Meningitis bacterias are “Group B streptococcus, Escherichia coli”, and the less likely “Listeria monocytogenes” as well. For the older kids, there are a whole other set of separate bacteria species that can infect them with Meningitis. For example: “Streprococcus pneumonia (pneumococcus)”and “Neisseria Meningitidis (meningococcus)”. But there is a single bacteria species known as “Haemophilus influenza type b (Hib)” with one major difference that sets it apart from the rest and also make it even rarer than bacterial standards. The difference is widespread childhood immunization. Akin to bacterial meningitis, many different diseases like enteroviruses and herpesvirus can also lead to viral meningitis but unlike their bacteria counterpart, they usually tend to be harmless. That’s likely why viral meningitis isn’t mentioned much in comparison to its bacterial equivalence.
Meningitis does have a tendency to take affect if other routine illnesses are infecting the victim. Both bacteria and viruses that infect the skin, urinary system, and respiratory tract is capable of spreading via the bloodstream and cause even further damage by infecting the meninges through cerebrospinal fluid, the fluid that circulates in and around the spinal cord. The meninges would most likely deal with inflammation and therefore experience meningitis. A somewhat unique way of creating meningitis is another trait that the bacteria have the (dis)pleasure of holding. In some bacterial cases, the spread to the meninges from a severe head trauma or a severe local infection, such as a serious ear infection (otisis media) or nasal sinus infection (sinusitis). Either way, it spreads to infecting the meninges and has the same effects as expected from the Meningitis disease.
The history of Meningitis may go way back to the Ancient Greek era if some suggestions that Hippocrates of Kos is the first person to notice the existence of Meningitis. It isn’t far fetch from the truth as his nickname “the father of western medicine” is meaningful in the history of medicine despite the time period he was in. He wasn’t the only one that was aware of the disease in times not as modern enough to have the typing made for this report.
Pre-Renaissance physicians like Avicenna the Persian Polymath have known the disease and the description of tuberculous Meningitis being“dropsy in the brain” was told by Post-Renaissance physician Sir Robert Whytt whom was studying this disease during his lifetime. But doctors and other people would’ve had to wait another century before the link between disease and its pathogen was linked. Relatively speaking, Meningitis is a recent outbreak. The first recorded major outbreak occurred in Switzerland during the early 19th century and continued getting worse from that point on. Soon afterwards, it spread throughout Europe and across seas into the United States before the first report in Africa occurred in 1840. Likely due to the still...

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