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General Facts About Radioactive Wastes Essay

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How can nuclear waste be managed for better future?Radiations are used in many part of the world, in the field of therapy for removing tumors and cancer, used as weapons, produced in industries…etc. Recently, people had been discussed a lot about the nuclear energy which seems to be the best possible solution to solve the ever worsening energy crisis. But despite of all the advantages of using nuclear energy, the major drawback, the release of radiation, still cause people from supporting the use of nuclear energy.Radiation is the energy releases while the decay of some radioactive isotope’s neutron which are not stable. These energies are released in different forms, which are further classified into Alpha and Beta particles, Gamma rays and neutron radiation. 2type of radiationpenetrates…blocks by…characteristicsAlpha radiationthe skinsheet of paperharmful to lungsBeta radiationinto the bodysheet of aluminum foilGamma raysgo through bodyseveral cm of lead or concrete, or meter of waterneutron radiationgo through the bodymeters of concretethe most powerful among all3The radiations can also be found in the nature, these are called background radiation since soil holds radioactive substances such as uranium, thorium, radium and the radioactive gas radon which is continually escaping to the atmosphere; these-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------footnote:1,2,3 : are usually considered not harmful since the concentrations are too low. After the radioactive substances gone through the decay process which releases mostof its energy, the remains of it are normally still harmful and these are called radioactive waste, or radwastes, which can be classified into 3 categories: low level waste, intermediate waste, and high level waste.4type of radwastessources of disposalcomprise of ways of disposallow level wastehospitals, laboratory, industries, and nuclear fuel cyclepaper, rags, tools, clothing, filtersburied in shallow landfill sitesintermediate wastereactor decommissioningresins, chemical sludges and reactor components, as well as contaminated materialssolidified in concrete or bitumen or buried in soil and the dept is depend on its time it remain hazardoushigh level wastenuclear reactors, nuclear power plantsused fuel itself and principled waste from reprocessing the fuelVitrification and seal properly in order to store underground.5-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Footnote:4: waste can also be classified by their life span. The half life is the time it takes for a given radioactive isotope to lose...

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