General George S. Patton Jr. This Report Briefly Describes His Childhood And Then Gets In To His Life In The Military More In Depth. Mostly Focused On His Contribution To The Victories In Ww Ii.

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GENERAL GEORGE S. PATTON JR.Eric ZuckWestern Civilization IIBruce CostaDecember 1, 2001Were George and Ruth Patton consciously raising a son to be a great warrior and leader of men in battle? General George Smith Patton, Jr. is considered to be the master at the art of war. His heritage of great warrior ancestors and legacy brought out his true genius of military tactics. It has been said there were many different sides of this complex man. There was the daring and fast advancing combat commander that dashed through Sicily, then broke out of the beaches of Normandy, continued to drive across France and finally smashed into the German heartland in the Spring of 1945. Then he was also the mystic, who believed he had been a soldier in previous lives and would return as a soldier after every death. Other sides of the General were the devoted family man, the sportsman, and the poet. Patton is considered to be one of the most impressive military leaders of World War II; he was known to always be generous in sharing the glory of victory while he knew the full burden of responsibility for a defeat would rest solely on him. The officers and soldiers who served in Patton's command were well aware of his faults, but they also remembered his excellence. And because of his men, an everlasting image of command presence is portrayed by The Patton statue at West Point Military Academy.#While researching the vast amounts of information on World War II, I narrowed my topic down to information involving the man I deem to be the true genius at the art of war, George S. Patton, Jr. (1885-1945). I came to learn that General Patton was one of the most intelligent leaders of troops that the United States has ever had. Even though Patton held his soldier's to a tighter discipline than any other American field force of WWII, he was probably still one of the most respected military leaders in United States history. He was a truly ingenious leader who used the American ways of intelligence and daring to form the perfect grasp of realities in war. And from the man himself to his staff a command that depicts him perfectly: "There will be no complaints or arguments, we are soldiers... and The Third Army will not be stopped."#The BoyGeorge came into this world a sickly newborn making his first few months very difficult for his concerned parents and nurse, fortunately he recovered though. Patton and his younger sister Anne experienced a worry free and memorably happy childhood because their parent's wealth provided a life free of economic hardship. His father kept him out of school for his first twelve years to save his son from the scorn he would receive had he gone to school with a learning disability leaving him unable to read, but still taught him about culture with Homer, Shakespeare, and the Bible. He suffered from a disorder now known as Dyslexia. Though his life was an enviable one, he was frequently ill, so his parents and servants were inclined to spoil him. From his...

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