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I have been always interested in having a career that is related to health and wellbeing, in fact a career that gets the university education directly involved and puts it into practice. General medical practitioner is the suitable career match for me. I have been studying science for quite a while and I truly enjoy learning more through this field. Choosing medicine as a career is not just about the university education though, suitable character, interpersonal skills and many other factors are contributing for being successful, and I was trying to understand myself, my interests and evaluate my skills to investigate if I am a suitable match for this job. The last shot for the ...view middle of the document...

Usually getting into the institutions that are providing the education for this field is not easy because of the high demand. There are also institutions with governmental funding that are specialized to prepare rural general medical practitioners who could work without supervision and able to work in a remote and rural area (GP-rural generalist pathways 2014). At the end for becoming a qualified medical practitioner most of the times there is at least a year of internship that introduces the students to the work environment and applying the knowledge in real situations. Job search websites are used for finding potential employers and there are special websites that are just designed for medicine related jobs e.g., MEDRecruit is a fairly large organization that is just working on matching the suitable jobs to the doctors. As there is a variety of employments out there it is worthwhile to introduce potential employers in larger and more general categories. Potential employers could be public or private hospitals or clinics. Furthermore it is not limited to getting a job from an employer as having an independent and private clinic is always an option. Obviously there are many more specialized branches of this industry that incorporate medical doctors into their daily routines like health magazines and life insurance companies, but there is still a vast area to explore for the employment. Furthermore over the five years to 2017 there is going to be a high demand for generalist medical practitioners and over 50,000 job vacancies is going to be available which is promising (General medical practitioners 2012). According to the employer, daily routine of a general medical practitioner could be vary but a normal daily tasks of a GP is consisted of medical examination patients and recording their medical information, ordering lab tests and related medical tests, prescribing and administering treatments, referring patients to specialist medical practitioners and related administrative tasks in a hospital (General medical practitioners 2012)....

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